Weights From the ShoBox Triple Header Airing TONIGHT on Showtime



Weights From the ShoBox Triple Header Airing TONIGHT on Showtime

ORLANDO, Fla. – January 6, 2021 – Exciting rising prospect Luis Nuñez (15-0, 11 KOs) and fellow undefeated power-puncher Carlos Arrieta (14-0, 8 KOs) both made weight Thursday, a day ahead of their 10-round super featherweight main event on ShoBox: The New Generation this Friday, January 7, live on SHOWTIME at 9 p.m. ET/PT from Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Fla.

The co-feature pits hard-hitting Starling Castillo (16-0, 12 KOs) againstShoBox returnee Otar Eranosyan (10-0, 6 KOs) in an eight-round lightweight bout. In the telecast opener, knockout artist Edwin De Los Santos (13-0, 12 KOs) battles William Foster III (13-0, 9 KOs) in an eight-round super featherweight fight.

The three-fight telecast is promoted by Sampson Boxing.


Super Featherweight 10-Round Bout

Photo Credit: Ryan Loco/SHOWTIME

Luis Nuñez – 128 ¼ pounds

Carlos Arrieta – 129 ¼ pounds

Referee: Frank Gentile; Judges: Fredrick Fluty, Erik Larsen, Alexander Levin

Lightweight Eight-Round Bout

Photo by:Ryan Loco/SHOWTIME

Starling Castillo – 134 ¾ pounds

Otar Eranosyan – 135 pounds

Referee: Christopher Young; Judges: Fredrick Fluty, Erik Larsen, Efrain Lebron

Super Featherweight Eight-Round Bout

Photo Credit:Ryan Loco/SHOWTIME

Edwin De Los Santos – 129 pounds

William Foster III – 129 ½ pounds

Referee: Frank Gentile; Judges: Erik Larsen, Alexander Levin, Efrain Lebron

Note: All refs and judges reside in Florida.


Luis Nuñez

“I was first given the nickname ‘Explosive’ by my manager, but due to so many fighters having this nickname, we wanted to find a different nickname. That’s when Sampson came with the nickname ‘The Twist’ and he played the music and showed me the video, and that’s where it all started. Honestly, I’m not sure what my opponent will think when he sees me doing the twist. Maybe he will think I’m a dancer, or he’ll take it as a joke. But it doesn’t bother me what my opponent thinks about me.

“From my understanding, Chubby Checker [who originated The Twist] was good friends with Sampson [Lewkowicz]. When I saw the dance, it’s something that stuck with me. So, I want to represent the name ‘The Twist,’ and I want to make it big. It’s really an old song from the 1960s, but I’m going to bring more light to it and bring it back.

“I’m excited to go toe-to-toe with Arrieta and to give a good fight for the viewers. I do understand that my opponent is very experienced and a very good fighter, but I’m preparing to come out victorious. We’re going to analyze, fight, punch, and if a knockout comes, it comes.

“I want to thank [Chris] Colbert for giving me the opportunity to spar with him. I really appreciated the opportunity. I liked the session because Colbert is a classy fighter and sparring with him helped me prepare for this fight. Even though he’s from a heavier division, we were going at it.

“I know I had the opportunity to finish Jayvon Garnett in the later rounds in my last fight, but I didn’t feel comfortable moving forward in that moment because my main focus was to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes and lose.”

Carlos Arrieta

 “I’m the type of fighter that adjusts based on my opponent. I can box and I can bang. I’ll adjust to my opponent and fight whichever way I need to. It depends on their style. But I am a fighter that likes to get into wars. My best quality is my speed but I do have enough power to hurt my opponent.

“I’m expecting a great battle with Nuñez. I hope that he’s ready so that we can put on a good show and a spectacle for the fans. I’m ready for whatever Nuñez brings, but if he starts slow and doesn’t wake up, he’s going to have issues.

“As soon as I heard about this fight, I said yes. It’s a very important fight for me. I’m in the big leagues now. It’s an opportunity that I couldn’t let go by.

“It’s true that I haven’t been in the ring in over a year, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been in the gym. I’ve been training non-stop and I’m always in the gym.

“My team has a game plan for how to counter Nuñez’s skills so I am not worrying about that. I have a great team and trust the plan, and I will go out there and put that plan into action.

“On paper, Nuñez is my best opponent to date because he has a great record and is undefeated. I think he just as hungry as I am. But I fought against Ricardo ‘El Matematico’ Nuñez in a really difficult fight. I was cut in that fight and he was a really tough opponent too.

“That fight against ‘El Matematico’ and going through that adversity of being cut matured me. It really helped build my confidence and mature as a fighter. He was a heavy puncher and I was able to withstand his power.”

Starling Castillo

“I have trained for any situation that will appear in the ring. I don’t like talking ahead too much. I will see how his style is once I get into the ring.

“I can’t say whether he’s my toughest opponent. There’s no such thing as a bad rival. He’s there for a reason.

“I learned a lot in my last fight against Juan Carlos Burgos. He’s someone who had a lot of experience, so it was a good learning experience. I made a lot of errors in that fight. We studied the fight and have corrected a lot of the errors that I made, so we learned a lot.”

Otar Eranosyan

“From my last fight on ShoBox, I learned that I can really put on a great show for the fans and for the viewers. But since that fight, I’ve been working a lot on my game. I’ve been trying to improve my leg movements and working on faster movements.

“My amateur career has really helped me. It’s all about the experience I gained. I had around 250 to 300 amateur fights and that gave me all sorts of experience. As a pro, I’ve been able to advance faster than a lot of other prospects because of this. I’ve been able to face tougher opposition earlier in my career because I have the skillset.

“Castillo will be different from my previous opponents because he is a southpaw and he’s taller. He fights a more defensive style than ‘Pork Chop’ [Alejandro Guerrero], who was very offensive. So that created a fight where we went all-in on each other.

“From this point on, I will not have any easy fights. Everything will be very hard. With a win, I will be one step closer to fighting for a world title and of course eventually I want to win the title. I’m 28 years old and I am ready to take on the champions now.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me that I’m on the B-side. I’m not offended in any way. My last fight, I was also the B-side. I don’t feel there’s any difference. I just go out into the ring, do my job and perform how I always do.”

Edwin De Los Santos

“My nickname ‘Grenade’ comes from the fact that when you throw a grenade, it explodes, and it makes a mess and that’s pretty much what my punches do.

“I’m prepared to go rounds, but whenever the opportunity arises and there’s a clean shot, I will go ahead with force. My power is natural. I’ve been knocking people out since I was a kid, despite their experience.

“The fight could go past two rounds, because of my opponent’s experience, but if I catch him that will be it for him.

“A win against Foster will take me to the next level. It’s a dream of mine to fight in the United States and a good performance will really make an impression in the eyes of the public and get my name out there.

“I know my opponent is a really good boxer and he goes in there to fight. We’re working hard as a team to come up with different techniques to take advantage of times when he launches himself and doesn’t cover up, but whatever happens, we can adapt to his way of fighting.”

William Foster III

“I don’t take any opponent lightly. De Los Santos seems like he’s a real good fighter. His resume speaks for itself. It’s impressive. But I’m going to give it my all.

“I’ve faced some really good opponents like Sulaiman Segawa and Donald Smith, but in my eyes, everyone has a flaw. I’m going to exploit his like I exploited the others.

“I’m taller than him. I’m faster. And I believe I’m more knowledgeable. That’s the biggest difference. I have more experience. I’ve fought more impressive opponents than him. Don’t get me wrong. His resume is nice but it’s against opponents that didn’t make him grow as a fighter as much as my opponents made me grow.

“I believe I’ve been tested. Segawa was a really tough fighter. He came to fight. We were throwing a lot of punches and it was a real brawl. He was throwing good combinations.

“This is the type of opportunity that I’ve been waiting for. For a long time. This is one step closer to my goal and to my dream. Which is to be the most dangerous fighter in the world. This will get me right where I want to be. This will be my message to the world that I’m ready to fight and I want to put my name out there and let everybody know who I am.”

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