Edson Barboza and Giga Chikadze Face Off At UFC Fight Night



Edson Barboza and Giga Chikadze Face Off At UFC Fight Night

With the next Fight Night event between Edson Barboza and Giga Chikadze locked in, we are looking at an exciting event this coming Saturday at the UFC Apex, in Las Vegas. Both Barboza and Chikadze will try to make a strong showing and secure yet another title to their resumes.

Yet, the question remains: can the veteran take on a much younger competitor who is on a solid streak? Edson Barboza has a 22-9-0 record to his name, a somewhat patchy record by MMA standards, whereas Giga Chikadze has gone 13-2-0, with his most recent fights showing great things from the young fighter.

Whether he can overcome on Saturday will depend on whether he keeps his presence of mind, and other factors, as well. After all, Barboza is not just a “fodder” fighter, and he can definitely lock down Chikadze.

What Could Go Wrong to Defy the Betting Odds in This One?
Most events often have a pronounced underdog, but this time that is not the case. To put it another way, UFC betting sites still seem hesitant as to who the outright winner of this fight could be. In a word, both fighters seem to show a lot of grit, and if anything, they both have some flaws that may impact the end result of a fight.

Looking at both fighters' track records, they average 2.5 rounds in the UFC, which means that the fight should be over in U-3 rounds for those of you looking to place a bet on Totals. There is a slight chance, however, that because these two fighters are evenly matched, the fight could stretch a little longer.

Barboza seems to be more experienced, but Chikadze is confident that he can continue dominating the UFC format in the upcoming fight. While no unanimous favorite has been selected, the UFC odds seem to inch slightly towards Chikadze with Las Vegas sportsbooks. A younger and less-experienced fighter, he is also presumably keener to prove himself.

His moniker, “The Ninja,” reflects his fighting style, which relies on agility and speed over impactful punches. Barboza, on the other hand, seeks to quickly close in the distance and force an opponent nullified by his sheer stopping power.

What Mode of Victory to Expect?
The mode of victory in this bout is equally interesting when it comes to potential betting markets. Now, it's also a bit of a toss-up because both fighters have secured different types of victories over their careers.

Chikadze has proven to be a great grappler when forced in a corner, and has won many fights by submission, but his most recent showings were brought home with a perfect TKO/KO, via a kick to the head. It's this explosive power and ability to grapple that make Chikadze's mode of victory a little hard to pinpoint.

Barboza has had many successes, but he has never actually knocked out people with a kick, save for one instance where he KO'd Beneil Dariush with a flying knee. His strength lies in his punches, and that is precisely what he's most likely going to rely on this Saturday.