Anthony Joshua Net Worth: Soon Set For Nine Figures



Anthony Joshua Net Worth: Soon Set For Nine Figures

Anthony Joshua might be the most recognized and renowned boxer on the planet — and Anthony Joshua's net worth makes it clear that his global fame has earned him some astounding wealth throughout his boxing career. 

Yet, while Joshua is not short on cash by any means, this upcoming fight against Francis Ngannou will almost certainly produce the biggest payday he has seen in his esteemed career.

We have searched the internet to find the most accurate Anthony Joshua net worth information there is to find — along with what Joshua might be worth by the end of 2024, given his fight against Ngannou goes according to plan.

Anthony Joshua Net Worth: What is AJ's Value?

Starting from his time as an amateur boxer — which concluded with him winning a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic games in London — to him being a two-time former unified world heavyweight champion, to now being on the brink of another shot at an undisputed heavyweight championship, Anthony Joshua has reached boxing's highest summit multiple times over. 

There really isn't anything else for Joshua to prove or achieve in his boxing career, aside from chasing greatness and amassing a whole lot more money than he already has — both of which are very worthwhile ventures. 

It's fascinating to consider that Joshua's value is still skyrocketing. Yet, after the dominant victory he had against Otto Wallin back in December, people seem to believe that Joshua is back to championship form.

Yet, before that belief can be answered, let's gauge where Joshua's net worth sits at this stage in his career.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Anthony Joshua has a net worth of about $80 million.

That staggering net worth makes Anthony Joshua the second wealthiest active boxer, after Canelo Alvarez. And that Joshua net worth is going to raise even more after this weekend. 

How Much is Anthony Joshua Making to Fight Francis Ngannou?

While Anthony Joshua has earned more than his fair share of gigantic paydays, this weekend's fight against Francis Ngannou takes the cake. 

Current estimates note that Joshua is estimated to make $50 million for this fight against Ngannou — and that doesn't include PPV sales and additional fight bonuses, which will surely net Joshua at least another $10 million on top of that total. 

With that mind, it makes sense why Joshua appears to locked in prior to fight night.

Given that Joshua's net worth is already $80 million, and he's likely earning at least $60 million to fight Francis Ngannou, his net worth by end of March will likely have eclipsed $100 million.

Not to mention if he beats Ngannou, then squares off against the winner of the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight on May 18 for the undisputed world heavyweight title. 

 Joshua will be making even more money for that undisputed championship fight. 

So although Canelo Alvarez continues to be active and increase his own net worth, considering the 2024 that Anthony Joshua seems to have in store, we might see Joshua surpass Alvarez in terms of net worth by this time next year. 

Regardless of which of them is wealthier, both Joshua and Alvarez have done rather well for themselves.

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