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Will Gennady Golovkin Watch Mayweather-McGregor?


Three days away, and battle lines are drawn: you are eithee, or out, and proud and defiant about it.

You either will watch Mayweather-McGregor, eagerly..or maybe not eagerly, more so because you don’t want to miss out, in case the unthinkable happens…or, you are like Gennady Golovkin.

“Mayweather vs McGregor is not boxing, it’s WWE,” the Kazahk 160 pound ace, counting down to his own super fight, Sept 16 against Canelo Alvarez, said on his social media on Wednesday morning.

I asked his tutor, Honest Abel Sanchez, really?

Are he and GGG not going to check out the spectacle?

“We will not watch it,” Sanchez told me. “It’s a circus.”

Really? Curiosity won’t get the better of you guys?

“Not for a hundred bucks. Circus Vargas I can see and buy a ticket cheaper than that.”


And Gennady…you don’t see him breaking down, and getting weak, and tuning in to the event?

“No!” said Sanchez.

Alright then…

Lastly, will boxing as a whole be better or worse off come Aug 27?

“The only gain will be in Floyd’s bank account,” said the trainer, now less than a month away from what will be the most high profile test of the athlete he’s said is comparable to Marvin Hagler.

So, scratch two possibles off the “possible” list, then. What about you all? Any of you with GGG and Abel, and will be otherwise detained Saturday?



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