Ricochet vs Logan Paul: Odds, Prediction and Fight Time at SummerSlam 



Ricochet vs Logan Paul: Odds, Prediction and Fight Time at SummerSlam 

One of the singles matches in this year's WWE SummerSlam will be Ricochet vs Logan Paul. They have been named together since their January Royal Rumble, and their moment “in the air” was caught on camera and went viral. Let's see who will win the match now. 

Ricochet vs Logan Paul Summary of Both Wrestlers 

Logan Paul Preview: 

Paul wasn't originally supposed to participate in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match because he didn't go through the necessary qualification, which other participants (including Ricochet) went through. Ricochet ended up ruining both their chances of winning that title, and later Paul attacked him backstage for it. The SummerSlam match will decide, which player wins this rivalry, and which one will be left in the shadows. 

Will Paul's Experience Be Enough? 

Logan Paul doesn't have many fights under his belt (only six), but he already has the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The match should be just the beginning of SummerSlam because Logan wants to visit his brother Jake’s boxing match against Nate Diaz in Dallas. The WWE isn't Logan Paul's first combat-related appearance, he also faced Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

Many fans and experts underestimate Logan Paul because he is only in the WWE part-time (for now), while his opponent has had a longer career, but Paul keeps fit, and will always bring his A game to any fight. Some also believe that we won't see Paul next until the Survivor Series, but we will see what happens on Saturday for the Ricochet vs Logan Paul showdown.  

Ricochet Preview: 

Ricochet performed a springboard Spanish fly on Paul, and they went through two tables outside the ring, which ended their chances at the same time. Later Ricochet invited Logan to a match, but the viral wrestler declined. Two weeks later, though, Paul accepted the invitation for a Ricochet vs Logan Paul event at the SummerSlam 2023, but not without another physical altercation. 

What Can Ricochet Lose if Paul Beats Him? 

Ricochet is known in the WWE for his “aerial” performance best, and he will use every chance he gets to get on those ropes. His simultaneous springboard clotheslines move with Paul during the Royal Rumble game is still talked about even if it has been months since the picture-perfect moment, which was caught on camera.  

That being said, the athlete needs this win much more than his opponent, at the moment. Ricochet is wrestling full-time compared to Logan, who is more of an attraction at this point (with the potential of becoming a permanent fixture in the future). Ricochet's credibility will drop considerably if he loses to Paul on Saturday. It will be a good opening game with high-intensity moments. 

Our Conclusion for the Ricochet vs Logan Paul Event on Saturday 

From their first match in the Royal Rumble to their next outing at the Money In the Bank, and the backstage words they had for one another, the SummerSlam 2023 will be the final place, where these two will finally settle their score.  

  • Logan Paul to Win 

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