Zhang vs Parker Purse: Hefty Prize Money Up for Grabs



Zhang vs Parker Purse: Hefty Prize Money Up for Grabs

While the bout that's stealing the most headlines this weekend is occurring right after this heavyweight clash, the Zhang vs Parker purse is set to break personal records for both of these top-tier fighters. 

With Saudi Arabia already giving out ample prize money to every fighter performing on this iconic fight card, these two soft spoken heavyweights don't need to do much talking in order to earn the payouts of their lifetimes.

In fact, they seem content to let the two headliners do most of the fight promotion for them, and instead focus on the fight — and on the staggering boxing payouts they're set to accrue.

We'll be looking at the estimated Zhang vs Parker purse, and discuss why these two warriors are set to receive life-changing money on Friday.

Boxing Payouts: What Will Zhang vs Parker Be Paid at Joshua vs Ngannou?

Zhilei Zhang Purse

China's heavyweight hero Zhilei Zhang is fresh off the biggest win of his life, when he knocked out Joe Joyce in front of the OVO Wembley Arena crowd in England back in September. 

With that massive win, Zhang became one of the most feared fighters in the heavyweight division. 

But how much was he paid for that fight? 

Well, considering what the Zhang vs Parker purse will likely be for Zhang — who is an olympic silver medalist, from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — this weekend, the $600,000 he was paid for that victory over Joyce seems like chump change. 

Of course, with nearly all of boxing's big time fights taking place in Saudi Arabia these days, the money involved is on another scale entirely. And given that the Zhilei Zhang vs Joseph Parker purse is taking place directly under a gigantic fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, the boxing prize money will be even more lucrative this weekend. 

While there are no official declarations on the Zhilei Zhang purse, we believe it's safe to assume that Zhang will be making somewhere between $2-3 million for this fight against Joseph Parker. 

While the actual amount the interim WBO heavyweight champion is making might differ from that, there's no question that Zhang will be earning at least seven figures for stepping into the ring on Saturday. 

In fact, we've arrived at our current estimate for Zhang's prize money based off of what we know about what Zhang's upcoming opponent made in his last match. 

Joseph Parker Purse

Despise being a massive underdog, Joseph Parker stunned the world in December and dominated Deontay Wilder en route to a decision victory. 

While Parker isn't the biggest name in heavyweight boxing by any means, that one-sided victory against the infamous Wilder raised Parker's profile tenfold — especially because it took place in Saudi Arabia, during a fight card which boasted many of the world's best boxers. 

We came to our estimated Zhilei Zhang vs Joseph Parker purse as a result of what we know about how much Joseph Parker was paid back in December. 

Because we know that Joseph Parker was paid between $2-3 million for that Day of Reckoning upset against Wilder, we think Zhang is getting paid something very similar to that. 

In fact, we also think that Joseph Parker is getting paid between $2-3 million to square off against Zhilei Zhang this weekend. 

Here are the reasons why: For Zhang, despite being the A-side in this co-main event fight, he is far from the main attraction, given that Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou are each on the card. 

While Parker wasn't the A-side in his fight against Wilder, he was fighting in the co-main event back in December. 

For that reason, we equate the profile that Parker had during that fight against Wilder to the profile that Zhang currently has. In other words, they're worth the same amount of money. 

While it might seem strange that we believe Parker is likely getting paid the same after that impressive KO win, his opponent on Friday is a considerably lower profile than Deontay Wilder. 

Boxing Payouts: Will the Zhang vs Parker Purse Satisfy the Fighters?

Regardless of what the exact estimates are, a Zhilei Zhang vs Joseph Parker purse take that we're confident about is that both of these fighters will be thrilled about their prize money. 

There's no question that whichever fighter emerges victorious prior to the highly-anticipated Joshua vs Ngannou match is going to ascend into a new echelon of fame and stardom — and will likely secure themselves a massive fight in the near future. 

For now, though, both Zhilei Zhang and Joseph Parker are fully focused on the task before them this weekend.

And once that bout comes to a close, each boxer will hopefully be taking a well-deserved vacation — if only so they can put all the prize money they're earning this weekend to good use.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.