Young Gunns on Stevenson vs. Nakathila Undercard Show Out On ESPN+



Young Gunns on Stevenson vs. Nakathila Undercard Show Out On ESPN+

As we head to the middle of June, Top Rank and ESPN have once again returned to the Virgin Hotels & Casino in Las Vegas for a boxing event. The headline features the undefeated Shakur Stevenson (15-0) going up against Jeremiah Nakathila (21-1).

The undercards streamed live on the ESPN+ app and below are the results from those fights.

Xander Zayas (8-0) vs. Larry Fryers (11-3)

The development of Xander Zayas has gone well so far as their is no rush in bringing him up. Each fight has been strategically matched in an effort for Zayas to get the right experience as a Pro. In this one, the left hook buzzed Fryers right away in the first round. It was obvious that Zayas was too quick and strong for Fryers. Once Fryers felt Zayas' power, he went into immediate survival mode. Zayas was teeing off on Fryers in the third round which forced the referee to jump in and call a halt to the battle. Xander Zayas scores a third round TKO and adds to the buzz that he already has within the boxing world. 

Manuel Rey Rojas (20-5) vs. Tyler McCreary (16-1-1)

This was a weird fight as Tyler McCreary came into this one with a lot to prove after losing to Carl Frampton. Manuel Rojas started to break him down in round one and from there, it just didn't seem like McCreary was interested at all. Rojas was landing at will, doing what he wanted while McCreary looked lost. Every round of this fight looked the same as Rojas was landing and it came with little to no answer back from McCreary. The fight went to the scorecards and the judges saw this one 79-73, 80-72 & 80-72 for Manuel Rey Rojas.

Christon Edwards (12-2) vs. John Bauza (14-0)

The start of this one was interesting as Christon Edwards came into the first round without his mouth piece. That may have been a telling sign about his focus as things went down hill from there. Bauza landed a left hook (forearm) that caused the first knockdown of the fight. Edwards was on shaky legs at the beginning of the second round and Bauza landed a hard straight left sending his opponent down once again. Edwards beat the count but was in trouble and that's when Bauza landed the right hook which knocked him down for the third time in the fight. The referee saw enough and put a halt to this one. John Bauza scores a knockout victory only 40 seconds into the second round.

John Bauza (L) and Christon Edwards (R) exchange punches during their fight.Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images.

Frevian Gonzalez (4-0) vs. Bryan Lua (7-0)

This was a fun fight as both men were battling for a notable future opponent. In the first three rounds, the action was non-stop as both men were moving forward and landing at will. Lua made the appropriate adjustments and when he started to focus on the body, Gonzalez started to break down. In the fourth, a Lua right hand buzzed Gonzalez but he survived the round. In the fifth, it seemed like Gonzalez was coming on but again, Lua was too much for him and his hard counter shots were making things difficult for his opponent. The fight went to the scorecards and the judges saw this one 58-56, 60-54 & 60-54 for Bryan Lua.

Bryan Lua is victorious as he defeats Frevian Gonzalez.Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Troy Isley (1-0) vs. LaQuan Evans (4-1)

Troy Isley (L) gets stopped by LaQuan Evans (R).Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Prior to jumping on a plane to Japan for the Olympics, Troy Isley had his fight with LaQuan Evans. Right from the start, the hard, stiff left jab from Isley gave Evans fits. Right after that, came the left hook and check left hook which Evans had no answers for throughout the rounds. Troy Isley dominated this fight from the start and in the last round, the referee saw enough and stopped the fight at 2:26 . If he isn't on your radar, go ahead and place Troy Isley on your radar ASAP!

Maurice Anthony (3-1) vs. Kasir Goldston (2-0)

At the start of this fight, there was no question who was the better boxer. Kasir Goldston showed good movement and a right jab that couldn't miss. The straight left hand was the key in this one as Goldston kept landing it flush through the first two rounds. In the last two rounds, it was the combination of footwork and movement along with a slick punch output that won him the last two rounds. This one went to the scorecards and all three judges saw this one 40-36 for Kasir Goldston.

Maurice Anthony(L) and Kasir Goldston(R) exchange punches during their fight.Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Jahi Tucker (3-0) vs. Ysrael Barboza (3-1-1)

This fight opened up the ESPN+ telecast. Tucker started the first round with his hands down and telegraphing his punches. While he was doing that, Barboza was landing the left hook effectively. Tucker hurt Barboza at the end of the first round with a big right upper cut. In the second, Tucker started to use his left jab and closed the distance while landing some good combinations on the inside. As the fight entered the third & fourth round, Tucker won them but he was doing more showboating and clock watching than working his game plan. In the end, Jahi Tucker wins by unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it 40-36.

Jahi Tucker is victorious as he defeats Ysrael Barboza. Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

As we get ready to roll into the main telecast, Top Rank & ESPN once again provided some good solid action while showcasing some of their younger talent.

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