Wrestlemania 39 Tickets: Where To Find Them and for How Much



Wrestlemania 39 Tickets: Where To Find Them and for How Much

Wrestlemania 39 is just around the corner, but it's not too late to grab some tickets and enjoy the show!

Where can I find Wrestlemania 39 tickets?

Wrestlemania 39 tickets are still up for grabs for anyone that is wanting to catch the two-day event last minute. As of the time of this article getting published, tickets range from $192 to just shy of $1500. Websites like and will have you covered.

However, should you run into any issues on those sites, or if they run out, there will always be people looking to pawn off their Wrestlemania 2023 tickets, probably at a bit heftier of a price, though. Ebay, Craigslist, and a just reaching out to people around the area will be a good last resort method of snagging some seats. These sits are a bit ore of a risk, but worth looking into if the desperation sinks in.

This event will be hosted at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. As mentioned earlier, this is a weekend event, meaning there will be matches April first and second.

As expected, the cheaper the Wrestlemania ticket, the higher up in the nose-bleeds you'll be. However, there still seems to be a lot of options to pick from on the ticket sites linked above. Check them out quick before they're gone!

These tickets are sold in one purchase, but they are indeed a two-day pass for the whole event. So, the question is: is it worth dropping the money on? Yes, Absolutely yes.

Wrestling die-hards, new fans, and people that stopped watching awhile ago — this event has something for you! Let's take a look at some of the names on the marquee.

Wrestlemania 39 Day 1: John Cena vs Austin Theory

Whether you know him from the WWE or that viral prank call clip doesn't matter. What matters is that you know him and your Wrestlemania 39 ticket will get you right in front of him. Headlining the first night of action! Cena has been a long-time staple of the WWE. He's seen it all and done it all, but he still delivers time and time again. From 2002 to Wrestlemania 39 this weekend, Cena has been a must-watch character.

He'll be looking to take the strap from Austin Theory. Theory is young, brash, and ripped. He's got all of the infinity stones needed to be a wrestling superstar! Saturday night, he'll be looking to add “defeated John Cena” to his resume and propel his stardom to a much higher level.

But, Cena isn't exactly a stepping stone. He's been in the game long enough, it would be naive to think of Cena as anything short of a threat to whoever holds the belt.

Wrestlemania 39 Day 2: Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes

After being gone from the WWE for six-years, Cody Rhodes made a return at Wrestlemania 38. This match has quite a bit of steam behind it and it feels like the perfect way to end such an event. Roman Reigns has been an iconic figure in the WWE for some time now. Part of that time, specifically the last 942 days, Reigns has been the WWE undisputed universal champion.

Cody Rhodes has been on a hot streak since his return, and this certainly feels like a ‘unstoppable force vs unmovable object' type of fight. Only one will leave Wresltemanie 39 with the belt!

Additionally, superstars such as Edge, Brock Lesnar, Logan Paul, Trish Stratus, and many, many others will be there to entertain! Grab those Wrestlemania tickets while you can.

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