Who Won the Weekend? Canelo NOT A Unanimous Decision Winner!



Who Won the Weekend? Canelo NOT A Unanimous Decision Winner!

The hype job for this weekend's middleweight showdown was too lengthy for some, and there was risk of blowback if Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin didn't deliver in the ring Saturday in Las Vegas.

Blowback was averted, as the Mexican and Kazahk battlers put together a fan friendly scrap which once again was left to the judges to decide the victor. And we all know how that often goes…

Yes, vigorous debate continues two days after Canelo won the majority decision, seeing two judges scoring his way, and one draw from the other arbiter.

The debate was never heated as I checked in with the NYF crew, to ask Who Won the Weekend

“I think the boxing fans of Mexico won the weekend,” said John Gatling. “They didn't really get to enjoy Cinco de Mayo or Mexican independence day the year prior. Amid earthquakes, serious concerns about their beef, their Canelo's suspension, “Bordergate” and anxiety over the outcome, the scene inside of a festive T-Mobile Arena after “And New!” is repeating itself all over the proud nation.”

And #WWTW to you, Kelsey McCarson? “Viva Canelo! Lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez won the weekend “Mexican Style” by defeating the middleweight monster of the world Gennady Golovkin at his own game,” said McCarson. “Golovkin's team went on a full court media press for a whole year talking about how Alvarez wasn't man enough to stand and trade with Golovkin. Those dopes. It totally backfired. Alvarez walked the supposed scariest man on the planet down for 12 rounds and earned the best win of his impressive career.”

“Both GGG and Canelo are my pick for WWTW this week,” responded Colin Morrison. “They put on a fantastic spectacle in Las Vegas which left us entertained and amazed at what we were seeing. A close-fought fight ended with Canelo getting the nod on the cards but once the dust has settled there has to be a part three to this rivalry. Another significant payday for both and an opportunity for GGG to get those belts back.”

Abe Gonzalez has another nominee…”Jose Ramirez…

Ramirez landing on Friday.

..won the weekend! He had a really tough and game opponent in Antonio Orozco,” said Gonzalez. “He could have very easily fought this battle from the outside as he had the opportunity to do so early on. Instead, it was almost as he felt that he needed to put on a show for his hometown fans after they were let down last time out due to his opponent being hospitalized prior to the fight. This fight with Orozco was all action as he stayed in the pocket, landed some heavy shots but also took some as well which made for a very entertaining fight on Friday night.”

“Whoever gets to divide up all the money that came through T-Mobile Arena this weekend.” That is Who Won the Weekend, according to Tom Penney.

“Boy, this feels like a Dr. J free throw line dunk,” opined David Phillips. “Canelo. Not only did he beat an undefeated fighter, who not all that long ago was seen as being invincible, but he did it by changing up his game. Coming forward. Being aggressive. Walking through fire. The beard on that guy is made of that Wakandan metal. No idea how they got that in Mexico, but good god, that man can take a punch. Not only that, this is the kind of win that takes you from the ranks of a great fighter, to being discussed among the all-time greats. Canelo has one loss. To Floyd Jr. And he hangs an L on everyone. Canelo just hung an L of his own. Hell, he even chased the normally loquacious GGG from the ring without a word. Which felt like a second L to me.”

Who Won the Weekend? For me, very selfishly, it was the Facebook Fightnight Live crew.

We did a show in Philly Friday night, up against ESPN. The event was promoted by Kings Promotions (Marshall Kauffman), and produced by Linacre Media. As of Monday morning, we are at 195,000 views for the stream, which was topped by a super middleweight tango, won by Brandon Robinson (11-1). The power of social media…of Facebook…of Fightnight LIve. Wow. Just wow!

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