Who Wins and How–Pacquiao vs. Broner



Who Wins and How–Pacquiao vs. Broner

The NYF squad, talk to the world….Pacman and Broner are about to tango…what will happen in that ring? Who will win, the Senator, who maintains that he is still fine and forty…or Broner, who this time, we swear it, this time is different, who states that he will shock the Planet Pugilism…

“Manny Pacquiao looks like he has taken this fight seriously based on the weigh in footage I saw yesterday,” said Abe Gonzalez. “With that being said, look for Broner to have success in spots but Pacquiao out working him leading to a unanimous decision.”

“I got Manny in a UD,” said David Phillips. “He's still too fast and active for someone like Broner who postures more than he punches. Someday Manny will get real old all sudden-like if he keeps fighting. I'm betting it's not tonight, and certainly not against the king of delusional grandeur.”

CompuBox put together stats from the last five fights for Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner.

Said Jab Hook Joe Healy: “Manny Pacquiao is simply one of Jab Hook's favorite boxers. His success story inspires and closely watching his development over the past 24 years has been fascinating. As opposed to Manny's next opponent, whom Jab hereby sanctions by not stating his name. Let's just call him “Mr Loser” and hope he visits the MGM canvas in Vegas tonight. “Pac Man” by UD. We love you Manny, so please hang up the gloves real soon.”

Broner is younger but Manny has a better head on his shoulders...who wins and how, AB vs the Senator?

“Manny UD 12,” Gabe Oppenheim. “Freddie Roach knows how to handle a boxer whose shoulder roll never actually takes him out of range — and Manny can still execute the plan. But Broner has never been stopped either.”

“I'll go out on a limb,” said Tom Penney. “Broner, career saving late stoppage. Let's say round 9.”

“Pacquiao by decision,” said Johnny “Odds” Wilds.

Chris Glover, what say you? “Manny Pacquaio points victory for me. Too fast, feet are too good, work rate too high. He’s all wrong for Broner.”

“Sticking with my two months old pick of Pacquaio by unanimous decision,” said Hamza Ahmed. “I'm expecting a competitive fight, given Pacquaio is the big 4 and 0 now and Broner is one major loss from sinking into the abyss. That said, once Broner tastes Pacquaio's left piercing through his defence and touching his jaw, he'll shell up and become tentative. Broner will rally here and there, enough to leave enough intrigue in his stock but Pacquaio's boxing skill will show. But….Gonna throw this out there as a potential molotov cocktail – we might get a controversial draw to keep Broner's stock active.”

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