UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Allen LIVE Coverage and Round by Round Updates



UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Allen LIVE Coverage and Round by Round Updates

It's fight day! Stay tuned with us here as we give you live UFC round-by-round updates for UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Allen.

The former featherweight king, Max Holloway, will return to action for the first time since July of 2022. His last performance saw him losing for the third time against the current champ, Alexander Volkanovski. Despite being 0-3 against Volk, ‘Blessed' would like to give everyone a reminder that he's not going anywhere at the expense of Arnold Allen.

Allen is undefeated in the UFC and, especially as of late, he's looking nothing short of phenomenal. Though his last bout against Calvin Kattar was stopped due to injury, Allen was putting on an A+ showing up until Kattar's knee decided to take a break from being a knee. This marquee bout has significant title implications looming overhead, certainly a can't-miss bout!

Before the final act, we've got plenty of bangers to keep us entertained. Edson Barboza and Billy Quarantillo will throw down in a fight that's sure to be fireworks, bantamweight contenders will slug it out, an undefeated heavyweight takes a step up in competition, and much more! Chill here and stay in the know with me as I give

Main Event – UFC round by round updates: Max Holloway vs Arnold Allen

As a fan of both Holloway and Allen, I'm deeply saddened that they have to fight each other. However, I'm already over it and eager to see this fight because, wow, these are two of the best talents in the UFC right now, let alone at featherweight!

You may have heard, but Max Holloway is one of the greatest featherweight champions of all time. He's taken out legends, he's taken out prospects, and he's fought some of the heaviest hitters without ever being dropped. Plus, this dude has some of the coldest moments in MMA history.

It it easy to confuse Max's situation, though. He's lost to the champ three times, this is typically a sign that a champion is at the end of their career. But, for Holloway, that's not the case; he's only 31-years-young, he's still learning, and he's still a threat to the title. He's just lost to a really, really good fighter.

Speaking of really, really good fighters, we've got ‘Almighty'. Despite tweeting something slightly negative about My Chemical Romance awhile ago, I still find Allen to be one of my personal favorite fighters. He's gritty, he's tough, and you're kidding yourself if you don't think he's one of the most technical fighters in the organization.

The wait is over, let's get to the main event!

Round 1: The opening minute is a lot of feinting, a low blow, and Max landing a fast combination. A lot of feints and and some solid shots landed here and there. Allen did land some bombs, but for Holloway landed a little bit more. I'm going to give this one to the former champ.

10-9 Holloway

Round 2: Allen has found his range and he's teeing off on Max early into this round. That legendary chin is holding up so far, though. As the round plays out, Allen has less success and the former champ is able to get his game going again. Max lands a huge body kick in the last minute of the round and that was the most significant strike for the latter half of the round. Tough one to score.

10-9 Allen

Round 3: Once again, Arnold started strong and landed some huge left hands, but Maxy Baby is able to get his groove going in the last half of the round. The most effective thing for the third round was Holloway's body kicks. He kept placing them in the guy of Allen and got a huge reaction each time.

10-9 Holloway

Round 4: Max is starting to run away with this fight. Arnold is really wearing the damage on his face. The body kick has proven to be true for Max and it seems that Allen needs to pull something incredible out in the last round.

10-9 Max

Round 5: Allen is fighting like someone who is down three rounds, His corner let him know that he needs to leave it all in the cage and he's in Max's face right when the referee gets out of the way and let's them go. Holloway's chin holds up well, but Allen is certainly landing his best shots of the round. A few clinch situations have Allen in control, and with ten seconds left, they go to war. A grazing shot seems to drop Allen and the buzzer goes off.

10-9 Allen

Official result: Max Holloway via unanimous decision

Co-main event – UFC live round by round updates: Edson Barboza vs Billy Quarantillo

What a scrap we've got here! Edson Barboza has been with the UFC since 2010 and he's made quite the highlight reel for himself within the promotion. When you're thinking of some of the best knockouts ever, Barboza's name is immediately in the conversation. His kickboxing savvy has made him a very easy to watch fighter.

Someone who will entertain Barboza's exciting style is Billy Quarantillo. He's a very game fighter that's got no quit in him. Having only been finished once in his career, Billy's relentless pace and solid chin has been enough to melt many fighters that stood before him. This should be a great fight!

Round 1: Quarantillo came out trying to melt Barboza. He was corralling the kicks with the pressure, but the pressure was ultimately his downfall. Billy rushed in for a takedown and, much like the Beneil Dariush knockout, Barboza snuck a knee up the middle and found the chin.

Official result: Barboza via round 1 KO

Dustin Jacoby vs Azamat Murzakanov

I'm not sure what's scarier, the name “Azamat Murzakanov” or the 12-0 record with 10 finishes. The Russian has had two fights in the UFC and he's won them both via third round KO/TKO; this shows that his killer instincts stay true, even when hitting the deep waters of a fight. That's a scary guy to fight.

But, you know, Dustin Jacoby has been around the block once or twice. One year the elder, Jacoby has twice as many fights and much more experience at the UFC level. Having finished 67% of his professional bouts, this is a fight that is sure to deliver.

Round 1: Murzakanov wanted to remind everyone why he's undefeated; pressure right out of the gate and left hands landing in abundance. He was able to rock Jacoby and he pursued the finish with some ill-intent with his shots. Jacoby was able to survive, but this round was all but a great start for him.

10-9 Murzakanov

Round 2: The second stanza of the fight starts and the undefeated Russian is right back at it with the left-handed bombs. Jacoby continues to eat this shots well, somehow. Jacoby is finding some success with his jab and Muzakanov shoots for a takedown. The Russian is circled around and he spends a little over a minute with his back on the fence. They break and Jacoby is back at it with his jab. The left hand lands again for the Russian and he steals the round in the closing twenty seconds after two knockdowns. Keep in mind, both of the Russians UFC wins are via third round stoppage.

10-9 Muzakanov

Round 3: What a war! If anyone asks, I called it that this fight would be fun. Jacoby is putting it together in this round; his jab is accurate and he's racking up some control time. Both fighters are absolutely exhausted, and rightfully so, this has been a banger. The fight definitely tilted for Jacoby, but too little, too late.

10-9 Jacoby

Official result:

Tanner Boser vs Ion Cutelaba

For free?

UFC on ESPN 44 is spoiling us fans. There are so many bangers taking place on the main card! Tanner Boser has won over half of his wins by KO and he's as exciting as his hair is nice. He's got a tough opponent to try and crack, though.

Ion Cutelaba has been a a divisional mainstay for some time. Anytime he's on the bill, fans are tuning in. One of the most intense men to ever find his way into cage fighting, Cutelaba is almost guaranteed fireworks anytime he's gloved up.

Round 1: Ion Cutelaba wanted to prove a point, and hey, point proven. Ion was landing bombs early, but Taner ate them well. However, a cross went down the pipe and put Boser on wobbly legs. Cutelaba then shot a takedown, got on top, and started racking up the strikes on Tanner's face. First round TKO!

Official result: Round one TKO

Pedro Munhoz vs Chris Gutierrez

Despite Munhoz's record not being the most attractive as of late, the competition in which he's lost mostly close fights to is admirable. Sean O'Malley(I know, it was a disqualification, but still a big name), Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz — these are some of the toughest cats in the sport.

Munhoz has never been finished, and if things go according to plan for him, it'll stay that way. But, if anyone can crack that chin, it may as well be Chris Guitierrez. One of the many Factory X prospects, Chris is 7-0-1 in his last 8. His last fight saw him knockout a legend in Frankie Edgar, but this is arguably his toughest test to date.

Round 1: Gutierrez starts things off with a lot of feints and a lot of leg kicks. Munhoz keeps his composure and lands a lead hook that floors Chris. Ground and pound follows but Chris is able to recover his guard and clear the cob webs. Munhoz scrabmbes and goes for a toe hold, but Chris is able to return to his feet. Not out of the fire just yet as Pedro is glued to his back. The two break and Guitierrez is able to land some big shots as the round closes.

10-9 Munhoz

Round 2: Round two saw a much more even outing. Gutierrez had early success with the leg kicks, but once Pedro started checking them, Chris was rendered to throwing one shot at at time for the rest of the round. I give this round to Pedro just because he pressured more.

10-9 Munhoz

Round 3: Though the Kansas City crowd wasn't too jazzed about this round, it was a striking chess match. Yet another very close fight between two high-level fighters, nobody had any moments that really jump off of the page. Munhoz, however, did have the pressure on his side yet again.

10-9 Munhoz

Official result:

Main card begins now! UFC round by round results: Clay Guida vs Rafa Garcia

Clay Guida. Need I say more?

I'll say more just because I like talking/typing. Clay Guida is a legend of the sport. Not just the UFC, the sport. He's been a part of several iconic moments and he's still adding to his resume. This will be his 54th professional fight, and even at 41 years of age, ‘The Carpenter' still brings the same spaz energy that we all know and love.

Rafa Garcia is a very tough opponent. At 28 years of age, we'll see if the fresher and younger fighter can make a stepping stone out of the legend.

Round 1: The hair may be different, but Guida's pace is still the exact same. ‘The Carpenter' is using a lot of lateral movement and prodding Rafa with 1-2 combinations. However, it's Garcia that seems to land the better strikes. Quality vs quantity, I'll give this close round to Guida.

10-9 Guida

Round 2: The rounds starts and Garcia lands an overhand early. It seems that Guida has finally decided to wrestle, but he's unable to get the fight to the mat as of the midway point of the fight. Rafa's jab is eating Guida up. The boxing of Garcia has Guida looking lost and outmatched. This round was pretty much just Clay tucking his chin and getting peppered in the boxing department.

10-9 Garcia

Round 3: Clay has switched the game plan a bit in order to get things going his way; rather than being a punching bag, he's threatening with level changes more more in order to land with his hands. Guida almost lands a head kick, it seems he's not mentally defeated just yet. With three minutes left, Garcia has found his range yet again. A guillotine choke threatens Clay momentarily, but he escapes with ease. Garcia is putting some more steam on his shots in the waning minute and the vet is really starting to wear the damage. That's the round, and surely a win for Rafa Garcia.

Official result: Rafa Garcia via unanimous decision. 

Erik is a long-time MMA fan and writer. Ever since catching some Chael Sonnen trash talk on a commercial, he's been hooked on the sport. Erik spent a lot of time writing while attending college at Wichita State University. Now, he spends his time covering the sport of MMA, training in BJJ here and there, and occasionally hitting skateparks!

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