Quarantillo vs Barboza Prediction: Can Edson Deal With Billy’s Pressure?



UFC On ESPN 44’s Fight of the Night candidate is closing in. This will be one of the most entertaining fights on the card. Now that we’re just twelve hours from this banger, let’s dissect the action a bit. Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction is so tricky. This is the clash of styles.

For those of you that are out of the loop, let me get you caught up. Billy Quarantillo’s trademarks are pressure, angle changes, and powerful punches.

On the other hand, Edson Barboza’s Taekwondo kicks are extremely powerful. Please re-watch Barboza vs Hooker, that was one of the most epic stoppages in the history of UFC’s 155-pound division. Edson’s legendary right-spinning back kick landed clean to Hooker’s liver and finished the fight in the third.

This is one of the hardest fights to predict on the UFC on ESPN 44 fight card. Let’s get to know my Billy Quarantillo vs Edson Barboza prediction!

Quarantillo vs Barboza Prediction – Keys To Victory For Both Fighters

What happens when a pressure fighter squares off against a Taekwondo God with tremendous Muay Thai clinch? Well, you get one of the most entertaining fights on the card! Barboza will try to circle and piece his opponent up with long-range strikes, while Billy has to push the pace and stay inside the pocket.

Did you watch Austin Lingo vs Luis Saldana? Saldana dominated in the first thanks to his great kicks and tremendous footwork, but he slowed down in the second and third, which led to a decision victory for Lingo. I expect the same outcome here. It’s my official Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction.

Wait, I know, your next question is – what the hell are you talking about? Well, please keep reading and you’ll see. No more riddles.

Billy Quarantillo – Keys To Victory

Quarantillo is an old-school fighter and a fan favorite for a reason. He likes to march forward and attack with powerful combos and level changes.

Billy was down on the scorecards in his last outing against Alexander Hernandez after round one, but he flipped the script in the second and scored a brutal TKO win.


Billy mustn’t let Edson Barboza control the center of the cage. He’ll have to go forward and try to push the Brazilian to the fence.

Let me ask you a question. Did you watch “Enemy At The Gates”? Do you remember the famous sentence “not one step backward”? If Billy retreats, Edson’s violent kicks are gonna land. In that case, my Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction is – a clear victory for the Brazilian.


Quarantillo must land big punches, he has to swarm all over the place. He’ll have to chase Edson Barboza and stay away from his long-range bombs. Step-drag forward, three or four punches, clinch, big punch on the break.

Trading Inside The Pocket

Taekwondo fighters are vulnerable to close-range strikes. Yes, Edson Barboza delivers knees off the clinch, but his elbows are not super-dangerous. Billy’s boxing is on a whole different level, he is way better in close-range exchanges.

Finish Every Combination With A Big Right

Wait, I know – what the heck are you talking about? Listen, as a Taekwondo black belt, I know the left-hand leaves a lot of space for spinning counters. Edson rocked the former 155-pound division champ Khabib Nurmagomedov with a powerful right-spinning heel kick to the head.

Billy has to finish every combination with a right straight, hook, or uppercut. If he chooses to land a big left, Edson’s counter-kick might put him to sleep.

Edson Barboza – Keys To Victory

Edson Barboza is a Taekwondo black belt with superb Muay Thai knees and decent BJJ. He’s the most dangerous from long range. Edson knows to land powerful leg kicks too, plus he rarely stays on the central line. He is a very tricky opponent for old-school Octagon warrior Billy Quarantillo.

Stay On The Outside

If Edson stays off the fence and doesn’t let Quarantillo get close, he’ll win the fight for sure. My Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction is “Edson wins” if and only if the Brazilian stays away from close-range exchanges.

Land Long-Range Taekwondo Kicks

Billy keeps his hands high, tucked to his chin. He covers head kicks and powerful punches to the face, but his midsection is wide open. It leaves a lot of space for Edson’s middle kicks and a powerful spinning back kick to the body.

Don’t forget, Edson has already teleported Dan Hooker into another dimension with a powerful heel strike to the liver!

Do Not Eat Big Punches

Edson drops his hands while landing a kick. This is a very bad habit because he leaves his chin wide open. He should circle and stay away from Billy’s powerful short-range hooks and uppercuts.

Move, Move, Move

If Edson slows down and stops circling, the fight is over, my Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction will change to “Billy wins via KO”. Edson’s cardio is on point, he can move like a cat for three rounds.

When you meet an aggressive brawler, there are two important rules. Rule number one – stay away from the central line. Rule number two – do not try to stand and bang, feint and fight intelligently.

Billy Quarantillo vs Edson Barboza Prediction – Final Verdict

Billy Quarantillo vs Edson Barboza is a Fight of the Night candidate. A pressure fighter meets one of the greatest technicians in the game.

My official Quarantillo vs Barboza prediction is “the fight starts round 3”. I believe it could go all the way. If I must pick a side, I think Billy has a greater chance of winning. I expect a decision victory for Quarantillo, but you never know.

Can Edson Barboza stay away from Quarantillo’s powerful short-range punches? Will Billy be able to parry Edson’s superb kicks and angle changes? We’ll see it on Saturday, please do not miss the UFC on ESPN 44’s co-main event!

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