Tyson Fury Has $150 Million, He Says, But No Plans To Quit



Tyson Fury Has $150 Million, He Says, But No Plans To Quit

Tyson Fury looked about as relaxed days out from his clash with Francis Ngannou as he has for just about everyone else he’s met. Makes sense, when he said what he did about his net worth.

OK, you don’t see Fury ever looking or sounding worried before a bout, and this ones no exception.

During a Wednesday workout in Saudi Arabia, “The Gypsy King” did some activity, as trainer Sugarhill Steward oversaw.

He spoke after getting a sweat up. “It doesn’t get any better,” he said, noting the weather is nice, the sun was shining.

He didn’t watch Ngannou, he admitted. “I’m in there floating like a butterfly,” he said, at the weight he’s at.

“He’s the bull, I’m the matador, ninety nine point nine percent of the time, the matador wins,” Tyson Fury said.

“Francis Ngannou is a big fat sausage,” Tyson Fury continued, asking why he’s not been taking his shirt off. “This is a man in good shape, ready to do 30 rounds,” he said, taking off his shirt.

“I’m ripped, I’m Adonis,” he said, showing off a slim body.

He said he’s prepared to go rounds, just in case.

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He seemed to be happy. He said he’s got “in excess of 150 million in my account,” but he still loves it. “I don’t now need to be here to box, I love this, and I get paid for it. Come on! Peace out.”

Nope, I’m not over confident Tyson Fury, has been insisting, even tough Ngannou is 0-0 in a boxing ring.

Maybe we know how much that is so when we see how the big lad looks with shirt off at the weigh in, is what I was thinking before TF stripped, but really, his physique isn’t always a proper indicator of his skill set or confidence level, I don't think.

Brother Tommy Fury spoke on Tyson Fury as the GK did his thing. “I genuinely think whenever Tyson wants it to be over,” he can do so, Tommy said.

Tyson Fury fights Oct 28

Info on fight week activities

The lil bro said there’s risk, because of the unknown, Ngannou could be difficult because of his unorthodoxy.

Tommy said yes, he felt that while fighting KSI. “These guys, they’re hard to prepare for,” he said. Tommy said he thinks Tyson will stop Ngannou, “if he wants to, under four rounds.”

Other drama: the 35 year old Tyson Fury has a fight set, with Oleksandr Usyk. So there will be some curiosity to tune in for that reason alone, to see if he exits the ring in Riyadh without having taken on damage which could mess with the Usyk tango.

Tyson Fury will be wanting to remain unscathed, so this can happen as planned.

Tommy was asked about Tyson’s weight. Tommy said whatever he feels comfy at, he won’t worry one way or another, too much.

He called big bro “the best to ever do it,” and noted we will miss him heavily when he’s gone. Will he fight ten more fights? Who knows, Tommy knows Tyson changes his mind often, so we should just enjoy the skill set and character while we can.

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