Heather Hardy Bloodied, Nose Broken, But Is Unbowed…Vows Return



Heather Hardy Bloodied, Nose Broken, But Is Unbowed…Vows Return

Heather Hardy got matched real tough Friday night at Bellator 185 from CT and on SPIKE TV, being tasked with taking on a rock-solid kick boxer in Kristina Williams from Oklahoma.

In round one, Williams used her height and reach to effect, and in round two, she got back to work with her feet. A sweeping crack with her left leg brought around and aimed at Hardy's face landed shinbone on the Brooklyner's nose. She'd been bleeding from her nose but that kick added more severe damage. The ref let her fight ten more seconds and then halted the action. He brought Hardy to the doc who decided right quick to halt the flyweight face off. Two minutes into round two, Williams went to 1-0 as a pro and Hardy dipped to 1-1.

Folks wondered, mostly folks that aren't well acquainted with Hardy and her story, if this exploded nose would spell endgame for her fighting dreams. Nah..She took to social media to dispel this minor myth:

I’m sorry I let everyone down. I gave it my all out there, and I truly hope it showed. I’d rather lose then give y’all a boring fight because I appreciate every one of you… sponsors, coaches, friends, family and fans… and the worst part was knowing I couldn’t get the job done for all of you. 
Congrats to a game Kristina Williams, who had an answer for everything I tried. OSU!
And incase everyone is wondering, YES, I will be back. Nothing will ever take the fight out of me, not even this broken nose. I knew coming into this new world I was taking a big risk, and this is all part of my journey.
You’ve all heard how resilient I am. Now watch me bounce back. 


Two sport dynamo Heather Hardy is counting down to her second MMA fight, as on Friday she will look to double up in the win column on a Bellator card.

The 35 year old Brooklyner, who debuted as a pro pugilist in 2012, and holds a 20-0 mark as a sweet scientist,  made quite the impact in her debut on a Bellator show four months ago, at Madison Square Garden. She kinda sorta stole the show, getting bloodied but refusing to lose focus on foe Alice Yauger, who she tattooed.

Hardy stands across from Kristin Williams, she told me, on Friday.

What is the scouting report on her? “Pro debut, undefeated as an amateur in MMA and kickboxing, 13-0. I have the big stage experience but she has more MMA experience and I haven’t taken her lightly. Have I watched tape of her? The coaches watch the tape, I just train and I’m ready for a killer!”

Hardy exploded her social media fan base when she spoke from da heart, Brooklyn style, immediately after stopping Yauger. As blood smears bathed her gear, she said, “Everyone knows the toughest girls in the world are from Brooklyn, New York,” and snagged rooters by the cage-load.

Her fans who aren't inclined to check out her MMA game ask me when she will next glove up in a square ring. “Probably January,” said her boxing promoter, Lou Dibella.

And, finally, a prediction please for Friday, for a bout taking place at Mohegan Sun in CT, and running on SPIKE: “I’ll win no matter what it takes out of me,” Hardy said. “I’m ready!”

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