Training Camp Check-In: Shane Mosley Jr.



Training Camp Check-In: Shane Mosley Jr.

This Saturday night, Golden Boy Promotions and DAZN head to the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas. The main event will feature WBC Lightweight Champion Devin Haney (25-0) putting his title on the line against Jorge Linares (47-5).

The focus of this article is on Shane Mosely Jr. (17-3) who will be going up against Jason Quigley (18-1) for the WBO/NABO Middleweight title.

I was able to check in with Shane Mosely Jr. days away from his biggest fight to date.

AG: Shane, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. This year was supposed to start with a fight in January and that was cancelled due to the issues with the main event. Then you were rescheduled and faced Christian Olivas (20-8) in February. When thinking about that fight, what were some of the learning lessons whether positive, negative or both?

SM: Some of the things I learned from that fight was staying sharp with my boxing abilities as Christian Olivas was a very tough opponent. He was very durable, strong and dangerous if you allowed him to be but I was ready for it and on point. Going into this fight, that experience is going to be a benefit for me.

AG: Looking at this fight with Jason Quigley, after it was cancelled in January, did you still believe the fight would occur later on?

SM: I wasn’t really sure about the possibility of the fight still happening after it was originally cancelled. I just knew that I had to stay ready and sharp. In this game, you have to always be ready. I’m happy and blessed to have this opportunity to fight for a belt.

AG: For those that may not know, can you give the readers a run down on what your training camp looked like from the location to those involved?

Shane Mosley Jr. working out at the available tracks in Las Vegas.

SM: I trained with Bones Adam at the Bone Yard (Boxing Gym in Las Vegas). I also trained with Coach Larry Wade. Normally, we would train at UNLV but with the pandemic, I would go to either the open tracks here in Vegas or my coach’s garage. We got the work done and did our best with what we had.

AG: Time certainly goes by quickly. It seemed like yesterday you had your professional debut. You are now thirty years old and have been a Pro for about seven years. Do you feel as those this is a crossroads fight for you?

SM: This fight is definitely a step up for me. Jason Quigley is probably one of the best fighters I have faced thus far. I am grateful for the opportunity and challenge. I just want to display the best version of myself and show people that I am ready for a title shot.

AG: Looking back at your career, do you have any regrets?

SM: I don’t have any regrets as you have to take everything with stride. You have to take things as they are. You can’t go change the past. Obviously, I have made changes within my team and camp but it all comes with the process. Sometimes, people go straight from high school to college and then to a doctorate. Sometimes people take their time and there are bumps in the road. If the end result is that both ways lead to a doctorate, then its congratulations, you got it. I think the bumps on the road have made me a better man, fighter and hopefully they show in the ring.

Mosley Jr. signed with Golden Boy Promotions back in February 2020 right before the height of the pandemic.

AG: Not looking too far ahead, but if successful, who would you want next?

SM: Right now, to be honest, I’m not in the position to make those type of decisions. I’m not in the top ten so I have to get there first. After Saturday night, we can have a better conversation but I’m not there yet.

AG: Saturday night, what should fans expect from you when they tune into your fight?

Shane Mosley Jr. stays in top shape whether he is or is not preparing for a fight.

SM: Fans should expect a great fight! It’s one of those classic matchups of boxer against puncher. I lean more towards being a boxer while it looks like he is more of a puncher who comes forward. Usually that style matchup makes for a great fight, so I think the fans are in for a treat.

AG: Where can fans follow you on social media and what would you like to say to those that have been with you from the start?

SM: I want to say thank you for supporting me and continuing to be a fan. I’m extremely grateful for it.

For the new fans, you can follow me on Twitter @1ShaneMosleyJr, Instagram @shanemosleyjr and you can purchase my official merchandise on this Friday.

My Three Cents

Shane Mosley Jr. is at an interesting point in his career. An impressive victory may see his rankings make a significant leap which will bring more notable opponents later this year. He understands that his window isn’t as wide at age thirty but has not allowed that to distract him from continuing to improve as a fighter.

Will Jason Quigley reestablish himself as a top contender within the middleweight division? Will Shane Mosley Jr. produce a dominant performance that sets him up for some marquee fights later this year? Tune into DAZN this Saturday night and see how this one unfolds.

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