Top Boxers That Will Be Featured in eSports Boxing Club



Top Boxers That Will Be Featured in eSports Boxing Club

2020 and 2021 have brought us many different sports and sports betting trends to top UK casinos. One of them is definitely eSports, which thrived while all the other sports events were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And now, finally, what all the boxing fans have waited for, the eSports Boxing Club release is here, and some of the best boxers will appear. 

There wasn’t much going on in the world of boxing gaming during the last decade. The latest exciting event was when the Fight Night Champion was released now ten years ago. And while EA Sports focused more on other sports such as boxing, fans indeed felt neglected. Those who waited for Floyd Mayweather's video game were disappointed to find out that it wasn’t coming out, even though rumours were in progress. 

As far as the eSports Boxing Club release, it was developed by and UK gaming developer Steel City Interactive. And before the fans knew it, they had tons of boxers licenses and prepared everything to get a feature in the game’s first edition. So, since the long wait will be soon over, here are some of the big names we could expect in eSports Boxing Club.

Oleksandr Usyk

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk is one of the most anticipated features of the eSports Boxing Club. What the fans could expect is a superb skill and impeccable technique in the ring. Some even say that he might be one of the most popular online match and eSport betting choices you should be able to find at sites available at 2 due to his cruiserweight speed.

Many people gamble on different online gambling platforms or casinos and choose fighters with a skill such as cruiserweight speed when they expect the fastest payouts. Even though he doesn't have the most robust punch at heavyweight, his skill level will probably compensate for that.

Amir Khan

If you were yearning for an Olympic medalist in the game, you will be glad to hear that Amir Khan will be featured as well. Described as one of the fastest fighters in this video game, he might as well be one of the most popular players’ choices for PvP as he has some great features such as throwing lightning combinations. This will result in an aggressive-styled attack, but his defence might not be that impeccable. 

Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr is the next important addition to the Steel City Interactive game. The developers made sure to get his confidence and showing off in the proper manner. He will definitely be one of the most fun fighters to watch and a great boxing betting choice. And with his 66 wins, he is one of the top candidates this UK company hunted down. Featuring Roy Jones Jr in this game might be the developers’ best move. 

Roy Jones Jr is one of the fighters in the eSports Boxing Club game.

Joe Frazier

This fighter from South Carolina but best known as a Philly fixture is one of America’s top boxers all-time and definitely deserves to be featured in eSports Boxing Club. The two fighters that were ever able to defeat this legend were George Foreman and the great Muhammad Ali. The famous fight with Muhammad Ali might be one thing Steel City Gaming should try to incorporate into this game. However, acquiring the license will probably be hard. 

Terence Crawford

And with 37 wins and 0 defeats, Terence Crawford is someone boxing fans will love to play in eSports Boxing Club. Terence is unpredictable and able to defeat his opponents when least expected. This is why playing with Terence might turn out to be a really interesting play. Let’s not forget that he probably has one of the highest IQs among all the boxers featured in this video game.

Other Features

There will be plenty more famous names featured in this video game. For example, the Venezuelan Jorge Linares will probably be one of the top lightweights you can pick for playing as he has great speed and technical ability. Then, there’s Alexander Povetkin, a Russian fighter with a surprisingly sudden and powerful knockdown skill and his strong right hand, though his chin will likely prove problematic at times.

Let’s not forget to mention Sugar Ray Robinson and the 199 professional bouts in his career as one of the oldest fighters who agreed to be featured in the game. There’s also Joe Joyce, an English fighter who has an impeccable beginning of his career and promising talent. Last but not least, Frank Bruno will be another feature in eSports Boxing Club. He might be one of the heaviest punchers in this new video game with his 38 knockouts and 40 wins.