Thurman V Garcia [Vol.IV]: One-Time For Ya Mind



Thurman V Garcia [Vol.IV]: One-Time For Ya Mind
“The sure conviction that we could if we wanted to, is the reason so many good minds are idle.”  
—George C. Lightenberg, German Scientist
I wanted so badly to get to USF Stadium one hot day in July of 2015 that I lost 7 lbs to do it. Site of the final press conference between WBA welterweight champion Keith “One-Time” Thurman and Luis Collazo, the distance between the Hyde Park section of Tampa and the University of South Florida on Fowler Ave was about as wide as the popularity difference between Floyd Mayweather and Thurman at the time.
But if your purpose is aligned with conviction- you will be difficult to defeat. Keith Thurman is a fighter of both unbelievable purpose and conviction.
I hadn't rented a car and I'd misplaced my wallet, so I did what most championship fighters do damn near daily: I jogged. It gave me a different attachment to the proceedings, and after the formalities, I must've looked like a ‘One-Time' sparring partner.
“So you're a southpaw right?” asked Thurman, even though I didn't recall showing him a stance. I answered with a perplexed “Yea”, while destroying the buffet table and purging it of liquids. “You're Collazo,” Keith offers, as I get into position. I release a slow, calibrated jab followed by a straight left at his behest. “When he throws that shot, I'm going to switch my footwork and stop him with an overhand right.”
I'll be damned if he didn't try to do just that in round 5, but Collazo baited and countered with a left hook to the body from Hell instead. It nearly stopped him- but it didn't. He's unlikely to make that same mistake against lethal left hook machine Danny “Swift” Garcia this Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
You can easily find Thurman in the psychedelic colors of a hippie meditating somewhere, or perusing surroundings in constant search of knowledge. If not, he's been 24/7 at the St. Petersburg Gym just outside of Clearwater, Florida preparing for mortal combat with Swift.
Thurman combines a cerebral approach to life and the ring of war, where he has virtually out-grinded or out-assaulted all 27 foes he's faced. Constantly loaded with the memory of beloved coach Ben Getty, Keith has closed the gap between obscurity and popularity; particularly after a star making performance against Shawn Porter that boasted gaudy numbers on primetime for CBS.
But it all started with preparation for Swift that began after the Collazo fight, where he called Garcia out at the post fight presser, often producing laughter from the press corps. After surviving what could've been a fatal crashing of his Mustang in early 2016, Thurman survived an Incredible Hulk-like effort from Porter, but doesn't plan on surviving Danny Garcia at all. In fact, he doesn't believe Garcia is built for the welterweight division and wants to send a crushing message. Though calm and civil during the media conference call last week, Thurman all but promises to destroy Danny Garcia.
“You already know I'm gonna slap this boy up. Put paint all over his face,” said Thurman, almost with a disdainful taste of Angel Garcia on his taste buds. “When you're ready for war you're ready to die. I'm ready.”

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