Thurman V Garcia [Vol.II]: Viva Che Guevera!



Thurman V Garcia [Vol.II]: Viva Che Guevera!
According to Angel Garcia, undisputed star of Vol.I in this fight saga, the apocalypse is going down on March 4th @Barclays in Brooklyn (CBS/Showtime 9pm ET), which means the long awaited “Revolution!” will indeed be televised.
Even better, is it won't cost you a damn dime to duck any shots fired.
Like a Don, just when Garcia tries to get back out, somebody pulls him right back in. This time, in the form of intrepid reporter T-Street Controversy, who put the father of WBC welterweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-0, 19KOs) on trial for hate crimes. In a shocker, Angel actually had a few things to say in front of media nearly two weeks before fight time.
“I grew up on 8th and Butler– black neighborhood. Went to black schools. I f*cked me a couple black girls… So how the hell am I racist?” demanded the game's most diabolical trainer, Angel Garcia. “I went through Hell– “I” went through Hell and racism in this country. My parents couldn't even speak Spanish around other Latinos, who told them “speak English!”  so my Mom would whisper. I couldn't get free lunch. And that's when there was only 15 kids in a classroom. Know why? Because I was Latino.”
And I thought he was going to say Fidel Castro.
The inference being, that a long tolerated and deliberate indifference against his community contributed greatly to the nuclear N-word bombs dropped on WBA welterweight champion Keith “One-Time” Thurman (27-0, 22KOs). Real rap? In hood speak it basically meant: “Niggaz wuz eatin in front of us, and that nigga is about to eat behind us!”
The dynamics – in what has to be regarded as a proverbial “superfight” – are almost as fascinating to watch as the dichotomy that exists between the two camps. If Angel Garcia looks like an avuncular version of Tony Montana, then his son doesn't do much talking and just fights like Manolo.
“It feels good [to put Philly back in the national spotlight]. This is what the city has been missing. This is what Philadelphia fighters are all about- rising to the occasion. That's what I've been doing my whole career and that's what I'm going to do on March 4th.”
—Danny “Swift” Garcia
Keith “One-Time” Thurman already has long jet black hair and a sometimes scruffy beard to go along with rugged good looks. Give him a black beret with a red star and some U.S. military fatigues; all of a sudden, he's Che Guevera driving an imperial red 2017 Ford truck. His trainer, Dan Birmingham, is from the old school; caring as much about trash talking as he does the Bay of Pigs. KT sees any microphone as a speed bag for vocals.
“I step in the ring wearing red, white and blue everytime because I'm living my American dream. Danny's going to do his best, I'm going to show up the way I show up. And we show up to win. And we show up to hurt you. Say what you want to say about you fought Lucas Matthysse and Amir Khan. So you fought a boxer and you fucked him up… You fought a puncher– and you fucked him up. But let's combine the two – and –  you coming into a new weight division. You “feel like” you've been in this division, but you ain't fought a real welterweight. So March 4th is going to be a brand new experience for Danny Garcia. If he's the champion he believes he is we'll find out. Great fighters can only be beaten by great fighters. On March 4th he's facing a great fighter.”
“No matter where you go, you are what you are player.”
—Jay-Z, Brooklyn's own

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