Talking Canelo-GGG 3, and The Odds



Talking Canelo-GGG 3, and The Odds

With Steve Rolls dusted, GGG has his sights set on a trilogy fight with Canelo. And so do most of us, save for the contrarians who would rather take a chance on maybe getting a ho-hum fight, rather than the virtual certainty of a rock-solid threefer.

GGG signed a six-fight deal with DAZN, the same streaming service that has Canelo under an 11-fight contract, for the express purpose of streamlining the negotiations.

According to betting sites on this top 5 list the average odds have both men at -115 to win, and the realities of the situation favor Canelo.

He's proven he can take GGG's hardest shots, and he improved in terms of performance from the first fight to the second. Given the fact that he's always received favorable judging in his career, the chances of him losing on the cards to a now-37-year-old Golovkin are not great.

That's on paper…

Whether you believe it or not probably considers if you think that a full-on camp and melding of the minds between Golovkin and Jonathon Banks produces enough tweaks to the GGG game that can propel him to getting that W versus his rival for the ages.

And another X Factor…where that fight lands could matter a bit, right?

I'm thinking that people are talking now, and talking Vegas…Texas…NYC. And but of course, it's money that typically matters most, and in that realm, Vegas usually wins, right? They have that track record, and they can better NY, where the cost of doing business and getting taxed nastily help send scraps to Sin City. And Texas, you recall that Texas played host to that Mikey Garcia vs. Errol Spence fight. I'm not in the accountant business, or the reading of the mind of Jerry Jones business, but who knows how keen the Cowboys bossman would be to take on another jumbo promotion.

I'd surmise, maybe, that perhaps DAZN would like to have a “home game,” and have their staff close to the office, and push to have GGG-Canelo 3 at MSG. Seems like MSG is getting solid traction in getting big-deal fights, with the Crawford and the GGG and the AJ fights in the Mecca…and wouldn't the third middleweight fight in NYC make sense, from a momentum perspective? That's pure speculation, though….But I should perhaps circle back, and refer back to that “it's money that matters” dictum from before. Might Team GGG be convinced the roll the dice with Vegas again for the third faceoff, if LV can promise they grow the pot by $10 million than NY or Texas? We could picture GGG and company saying OK, we'll do Vegas…but only if these judges are on duty.

Yeah, I know we have other business at hand…other things have to play out…but I tend to think we could see movement on this third fight coming to a head quicker than you might expect…and then, yes, we should be expecting some social media beefing between Oscar De La Hoya, and the GGG crew, because there is no love lost and not much found between those parties.

My bottom line is this: I saw that RING cover…

Probably best not to pay attention to posturing and leveraging; we think Canelo fights GGG, for the third time, in September.

Probably best not to pay attention to posturing and leveraging; we think Canelo fights GGG, for the third time, in September.

..with possibilities for Canelo's next being pondered…I think there's really just one next that is front and center and the pack leader…that's GGG…Now it's just a matter, really, of where they renew the rivalry.

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