Shawn Simpson, A 12-0 Pro, Needs Your Help, With Medical Expenses



Shawn Simpson, A 12-0 Pro, Needs Your Help, With Medical Expenses

Our nation's health care system is broken, and sometimes that reality hurts more than other times.

When you see people needing to start a GoFundMe campaign to deal with bills stemming from a medical issue, yes, that certainly hits a nerve.

On Sept. 25, a GoFundMe page got set up for 12-0 professional boxer Shawn Simpson.

Click here to see the page, the link to the site is live.

The goal is $25,000 for the Chicago native.

There is text accompanying the request to donate to the cause. “I suffered a life threatening brain injury,” it read, “during a sparring session, in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

The bantamweight Simpson last fought June 6, 2020, scoring a stoppage win in the first round, against Dakota Laster, in Kansas.

Simpson, who turned pro June 6, 2015 at Barclays Center, was to fight Sept. 24, but during a sparring outing, he suffered brain trauma, including internal bleeding and swelling near his brain. He does not have have insurance. That isn't an anomaly either. The Census Bureau just reported that 30 millions Americans weren't covered by insurance when interviewed in 2019, up from 28.6 one year prior.

The 26 year old Simpson, 201-20 as an amateur, 2-2 in the World Series of Boxing (2012-2014), and an eight-time national amateur champion, has been advised to heal for at least eight months. He is not sure he will be able to fight again. He started boxing when he was eight years old.

Illinois native Kendall Gill, who did 15 years in the NBA, and also had four pro boxing outings, is spreading the word on behalf of Simpson. “Shawn is a friend,” Gill told NYF. “Just want to start something to help him and his family!”

Here is the whole message from Simpson, a 2012 Olympic alternate:

I have been boxing my whole life. It is my whole life. As a professional boxer, it is how I provide for my family. However, in preparation for my 13th fight, which would've been September 24 on UFC Fight Pass, I suffered a life threatening brain injury, during a sparring session, in Las Vegas, NV.

The doctor has told me that I am experiencing internal bleeding and swelling near my brain. They say it will be at least 8 months before I am healed and can even think of boxing again. Even then, I'll still face the uphill battle of a life a CT Scans, MRIs, doctor clearances, etc. and I don't know what the future holds.

As you can imagine this news has been extremely difficult to digest. Especially since I am a defensive fighter who in 12 National Championships along with being the 2012 Olympic Alternate as an amateur, to being a 12-0 Professional Boxer with 4 KOs, has never even had a nose bleed. I always prided myself on my ability to hit and not get hit, as is the name of the boxing game. So to receive this potentially career ending blow to the back of my head while sparring, is particularly hard on me, mentally and physically.

I am currently still in Las Vegas, because I have been told that I cannot fly for another 2 weeks. This has added to my stress, because on top of the exorbitant medical expenses I am incurring and will continue to incur, I have to continue to pay for a hotel, living and other expenses, including flying my son, mother and girlfriend out to be with me, during this difficult time.

I do not have health insurance and this financial burden is weighing heavily on me.
Therefore, it is with a humble heart that I ask that you please donate to my recovery fund. The funds will be used to pay for the hospital expenses I have racked up while in Las Vegas, as well as the ongoing hospital expenses I will continue to have as my condition is monitored closely.

In addition, the funds will be used to aid in my physical rehabilitation, while allowing me to continue to provide the basic necessities for me and family. Especially for my son, Amir, who recently had his 1st birthday, and is my whole heart.

This is an extremely urgent and serious situation that requires immediate attention, so please know that any and all help is humbly and graciously accepted. With your help and the grace of God, I will be able to return to the ring, hopefully by this time next year.

Shawn “So Sharp” Simpson


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