Rolando Romero & Devin Haney Get Into A Heated Exchange on Social Media



Rolando Romero & Devin Haney Get Into A Heated Exchange on Social Media

It’s an interesting world we live in today as social media is 100% part of the boxing business. When it comes to talking smack and getting someone’s attention, WBA Interim Super Lightweight Champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero can hang with the best of them.

Coming off of a unanimous decision victory over Jackson Marinez (19-1), Romero has been laying low and keeping an eye out on the competition until recently. Four days ago, Romero sparked a beef on Instagram with WBC Lightweight Champion Devin Haney (25-0). He then proceeded to post this:

Then about a day or so ago, Haney posts the below image:

In today’s landscape, these virtual sparring sessions can lead to negotiations which can see both men in the squared circle. In the old days, it was back and forth in newspaper articles when it came to “beef.” These days, with how advanced technology is, the pot gets stirred instantly.

I reached out to Team Haney's publicist to see if the champion wanted to add anything and they declined to comment.

Romero did respond to me and had this to say: “Haney is a bitch ass.” When asked where all of this started from, he continued, “I originated it. He is just a bitch, he fights like a bitch, punches like a bitch, sounds like a bitch, avoids everyone like a bitch, so you guessed it, he is a bitch.”

Harsh words coming from Romero and he finished it off by saying, “If I call somebody out, I want that fight!”.

When I asked him what’s in the future for him, he said, “I don’t know. I never think that far ahead but I want Manny Pacquiao at 147.” The trend we are starting to see is these young lions calling out their peers and some of the veterans too. They do not want to sit around and they are looking to make a name for themselves.

Will all of this back and forth between Romero and Haney lead to a fight in 2021? Who knows, but until then, it sure is entertaining to see the creative ways they go back and forth. I’m sure this is only the beginning, and some more will continue to come out of both camps.

Would you want to see these two young lions face off in the squared circle?

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