RINGSIDE REPORT “El Flaco” Bohachuk Gets KO Win



RINGSIDE REPORT “El Flaco” Bohachuk Gets KO Win

Ringside Report: “El Flaco” Bohachuk impresses with KO victory.

By: Abraham Gonzalez


360 Promotions appears to have found the perfect day of the week to host their quarterly shows that they call “Hollywood Fight Nights”. If you haven’t attended or watched one of these shows, 360 Promotions puts together a club show card with the presentation of a main event. This has seen much success and develops a “grass root” fan base for the fighters on the card and the promotion company.


The main event featured Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuk (14-0) putting his undefeated record against Fernando Marin (16-3-3). “El Flaco” has been a regular on the “Hollywood Fight Night” cards this year as he appeared in March and in May with both fights ending in a knockout. Bohachuk will try to continue that knockout streak as he continues to develop with his legendary Coach Abel Sanchez.


His opponent, Fernando Marin is making his U.S debut as part of the main event on this card. Although he had a knockout victory this past March, staying active has been an issue as prior to that fight, there was a gap of 18 months where Marin did not fight.


Let’s see how this afternoon’s fights unfolded.


Main Event: Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuk vs. Fernando “ El Cacho” Marin

It was clear that when the first round started, “El Flaco” Bohachuk was in there to seek and destroy. He did just that as he started the fight with a mean left hook to the body, then a straight right hand and finishing with a crushing left hook. This was the combination that had Marin in trouble and would end the fight in the second round as the referee felt that he was taking too much punishment. Your winner is Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuk by second round knockout.


Adrian Corona (5-0) vs. Francisco Camacho

This fight was a really good test for Adrian Corona because he was in there with a guy that was going to be tough and give him some good experience. In the first round, their was plenty of action as Corona was landing a straight right hand while Camacho was landing a good right hand himself which stopped Corona in his tracks a few times. In the fourth round, Corona landed a hard overhand right that rocked Camacho and it seemed like the end was near however Camacho had other plans. Camacho although being really hurt in the remainder of round four and all of round five, he just kept coming forward and landing here and there. In the sixth round, Corona continued with the onslaught and the referee finally had enough and stopped the fight. Adrian Corona wins by sixth round knockout.


Mario “El Matador” Ramos (8-0) vs. Emmanuel “Man-E” Castro (2-5-1)

In the first, Ramos controlled the round by establishing a nice right jab and dictating the pace. In the second round, the left uppercut and straight left hurt Castro but he was able to finish the round. In the third round, Ramos was digging to the body and really doing a number on his opponent. The fourth round is when things turned around for Castro as he was landing hard left hooks and really hurting Ramos. In the fifth round, Castro busted Ramos’ nose and quickly got on his bicycle to avoid anymore punishment. In the final round, Castro really poured it on having Ramos nearly knocked out but he was able to weather the storm and make it to the final bell. The judges saw this one 57-57,59-55 and 58-56 for your winner Mario “El Matador” Ramos.


Marco Deckman (2-0) vs. Keith Berry (2-2)

Marco Deckman is a Wild Card fighter under the tutelage of Freddie Roach. Having seen him in previous club shows, I was curious to see if he was going to progress with this fight and he absolutely did! In the first round, Berry applied a ton of pressure making it really uncomfortable for Deckman. In the second round, Deckman settled down, established the jab and landed a beautiful straight right hand that knocked out Berry who landed face first which led to the referee immediately stopping the fight. Marco Deckman wins by second round knockout.


Humberto “Filly” Rubalcava (10-1) vs. Luis Javier Valdes (5-2-1)

This one started a little slow as both men were trying to figure things out in the ring. Although it wasn’t too crowd pleasing, “Filly” was clearly a level or two above Valdes but at times was not able to display that in the ring. Rubalcava’s right uppercut was the money punch in this one and he cruised to a unanimous decision victory with all three judges seeing this one 60-54.


Andre Marquez (0-1) vs. Lucnor Diserne  (0-3-1)

This fight was back and forth action from the very beginning as both fighters were getting their shots off. Marquez was landing crispy combinations that included a nice right uppercut while Diserne was landing his shots but did not have enough power behind them. In the second round, Diserne was countering well as Marquez was a little lazy at times with his defense while stepping back. In the third and fourth round, Marquez got back on track and clearly won the rounds with volume and accuracy. All three judges saw this as a unanimous decision victory (40-36) for Andre Marquez.


Donte Stubbs (2-0) vs. Francisco Alfaro (0-2)

Stubs started the first round strong but his opponent Alfaro made it known that he was not going anywhere. Alfaro concentrated on the body which made Stubbs take many deep breaths that round and hurt him at times. In the third, Stubbs came back with a crisp left hook and had Alfaro hurt but could not finish his opponent. In the fourth, Alfaro landed big shots to the body but it was Stubbs who ended the fight with a ton of flurries which scored points for him in a round he really needed. In the end, all three judges saw this one 39-37 for Donte Stubbs as he remains undefeated.


Elvis Garcia Munoz (7-0) vs. Hugo Trujillo (4-1-1)

Opening the card this afternoon was a pair of heavyweights looking to get the action going on this Hollywood Fight Night Card. Munoz started off quickly in the first and was trying to execute the instructions from his coach Joel Diaz by landing the one-two down the middle. Trujillo was just a tough rugged club show type of veteran who was their to make it difficult for the young heavyweight prospect. Rounds two through six were more back and forth between both men as they looked really spent in the middle rounds. In the end, one judge saw this one even (57-57) while the other two judges saw this one 59-55 & 58-56 for your winner and still undefeated Elvis Garcia Munoz.


Alexander Enriquez (10-0-3) vs. Ricardo “El Carterito” Cuellar (5-3)

This was the last fight of the night and the majority of the crowd stayed for this one. It was a very entertaining fight as it mostly consisted of Cuellar’s wide left and right hooks which went up against Enriquez’ straight right hand and uppercut. Around the third round, Cuellar made some adjustments to throw down the middle and right uppercuts but then went right back to his wide throwing hooks. Enriquez stood composed the whole fight and landed some really good left hooks to the body and right upper cuts. In the end, both men gave it their all and it resulted in the judges seeing this one 59-55,58-56 and 58-6 for the winner Alexander Enriquez.


360 Promotions held another jammed packed event this afternoon in L.A which featured a ton of entertaining fights and fans enjoyed every minute of it.


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