Ramirez vs Jimenez Prediction: Is Ramirez Ready For This?



Ramirez vs Jimenez Prediction: Is Ramirez Ready For This?

Two top 115-pound boxers have been matched up on what's shaping up to be a memorable Haney vs Garcia fight card — and our Ramirez vs Jimenez prediction is that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the action this bout brings.

Any time a championship belt is on the line is exciting. And although this interim WBA Super Flyweight title isn't being contested by two household names, the extra exposure that John Ramirez and David Jimenez will receive from fighting this weekend will earn them a lot of prestige. 

But which one of them will add to that prestige with a win? That's what our John Ramirez vs David Jimenez prediction will tell you.

Haney vs Garcia: Ramirez vs Jimenez Prediction

John Ramirez Preview

John “Scrappy” Ramirez — an undefeated American boxer with a 13-0 professional record, which includes 9 KO victories — has impressive power for someone his size. 

Ramirez likes to use a philly shell defensive style, which has helped keep him away from receiving too much damage thus far in his career. 

Combining that solid defensive technique with his extremely fast jabs, Ramirez is typically able to dance around his opponents throughout the fight's early rounds. 

Then, once his opponents become tired from chasing him, “Scrappy” sits down on a big punch to try and secure a knockout — which usually works out well for him. 

Yet, our Ramirez vs Jimenez prediction is that Jimenez will be more willing to engage with Ramirez than most of his foes have so far. This might result in Ramirez opting for a different strategy — or at least have to rely more on his defense. 

That being said, Ramirez could always switch the game plan up, instead preferring to stand and bang. 

David Jimenez Preview

David “Medallita” Jimenez — a Costa Rican fighter with a 15-1 professional record, which includes 11 KO victories — is looking to emerge from Saturday's fight with the interim WBA Super Flyweight belt wrapped around his waist. 

Ramirez and Jimenez have two completely different fighting styles.

Jimenez doesn't have the natural athleticism that Ramirez does, so he has to rely more on grit and raw punching power.

He also can't miss on opportunities when they present themselves, which is something he has done extremely well with across his career. 

Our John Ramirez vs David Jimenez prediction is that Jimenez will want to trap Ramirez in a corner, nullify his speed, and force him to engage on Jimenez's terms — which could result in a new champion on this Haney vs Garcia card.

John Ramirez vs David Jimenez: Close Decision for Ramirez

Our official Ramirez vs Jimenez prediction is that John Ramirez will win by decision — which is currently available at +140. 

This is a pretty close fight, when it comes to the betting odds. And while we agree that this fight could go either way, we ultimately feel like the more athletic and dangerous boxer will prove victorious.

We also think that taking the fight to go the distance — currently available at -190 — should be a winning bet. 

Let's see whether we'll have a new champion crowned on Saturday!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.