Punching Your Way to Health: 5 Reasons Why Boxing Is A Good Workout



Punching Your Way to Health: 5 Reasons Why Boxing Is A Good Workout

When it comes to boxing, the names Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Gennadiy Golovkin, and Deontay Wilder are just a few of the current world champions that ring a bell for most people. When these fighters get into the ring, you can expect an impressive display of speed, power, movement, and accuracy. The sacrifice and training these champions do before a fight prepares them to perform at a very high level.

Boxing is a demanding sport that requires its fighters to have complete dedication and excellent health. Many of these fighters, such as Manny Pacquiao, have reached incredible feats of human ability. 

At one point in his career, “The Pacman” was invited over to a sports science lab, where scientists measured the power of his punch. The results were astonishing: Being hit with full force punch from the world champion was equivalent to being hit up close by a shotgun. 

This fantastic display coming from a human being is why most people enjoy boxing as a sport and as a lifestyle. Believe it or not, a pro boxing training program can be modified for rookies and enthusiasts to accommodate their needs better. If you’re still not convinced of the effectiveness of boxing as a workout, here are some reasons to help you decide:

You’ll Burn Excess Fat Fast

As you may have noticed, boxing has a classification of its fighters based on weight. Each division has its own specific weight category that fighters should strictly follow. For example, Gennady Golovkin sits at Middleweight, and he has to maintain a weight of 160 pounds for fight night. If they violate that weight limit, they get stripped of their title and face other possible sanctions.

This ruling is the reason why boxing workouts are intense and aimed at burning fat effectively. The workouts in boxing are safely designed to burn fat fast and safely. Drills such as lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and other exercises enable a boxer to burn fat, while at the same time, build up muscle mass.

Can Greatly Improve Your Cardio

Since boxing is a sport that requires every part of your body to move, it burns fat fast and helps improve your cardio. Cardio is the ability of the heart to deliver blood and oxygen effectively to every part of the body. Usually, a person’s cardio is enough for the body to function at a normal pace. 

But under stressful situations such as a hard workout or a boxing match, that cardio may not be enough. The heart has a hard time catching up, which is why most people with poor cardio often end up gassing themselves when exercising. Increasing your cardio helps you perform better, faster, and more efficient, even if you’re under a lot of stress.

Builds Up Your Muscles

Boxing also requires a fighter to have power in their punches. With proper training and rest, boxing sessions can effectively build your muscles up. Contrary to most people’s knowledge, the power of a punch doesn’t come exclusively from a fighter’s arms or fist. The force generated to deliver a knockout punch comes from the legs and the waist. 

This transfer of energy from the floor, to the legs, all the way to the fist is called Kinetic Linking. To generate those kinds of forces, a fighter should train the core muscles needed by kinetic linking. Lifting weights, strength training, and leg workouts are essential in training these core muscles. 

This particular training involves several workouts and equipment. You can look at some sites that offer comprehensive reviews such as the Rogue W-4 review to help you work out better, building muscle, and mastering the art of kinetic linking.

Boxing Teaches You Dedication And Discipline

For most boxing champions and elite trainers, boxing is more a mental game than a physical one. In boxing, one careless move can get you knocked out in a second. Discipline is vital for a fighter if he or she wants to succeed inside the ring. 

Although you may not notice it, the workouts in boxing are also designed to help sharpen the mind and discipline it once a fighter gets into the ring. Since boxing is a lucrative sport, dedication is also important. Champions like 2 are perfect examples of rags to riches boxers as they exemplified commitment and discipline to become successful in the sport.

If you apply this mentality in your life, you’ll find that it’s effective at helping you stay on track of your life goals. You’ll find that training is keeping you high in some sort, an addiction if you may call it. You may not notice it, but boxing can change your life for the better, even if it’s little by little. Boxing isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life.

Learning Self-Defense

All over the world, military and police officers are required to at least know some basics of martial arts such as boxing. They can use this knowledge in the field, especially if criminals and other lawbreaking elements confront them. 

For civilians like us, boxing is an excellent self-defense art to learn. In boxing, you don’t need any weapons to defend yourself, because you literally are the weapon. Imagine yourself being cornered by a robber. If you’re properly trained in boxing, you’ll know the risks of defending yourself versus giving up.

If you’re absolutely sure that you can take on an attacker, then you can take action. A single, well-placed punch to the sensitive parts of the body such as the chin, the solar plexus or the kidney can incapacitate an attacker. These delicate parts are known as nerve bundles. When something hard hits these places, a person, no matter how big and strong will always go down.

Of course, using boxing other than for sport or self-defense can also get you in trouble with the law. Boxers who often show recklessness often face strict fines and heavier punishment due to their skill and knowledge in the sport. For amateurs, rookies, and enthusiasts, never use boxing to bully someone. You never know, someone of more exceptional skill might end up fighting you.


Boxing is a great way to train yourself and be healthy. Due to the nature of the workouts in boxing training, a person can easily lose weight, learn self-defense, increase cardio, and can build your muscles. Overall, boxing is an art form that can improve your physical and mental well-being.