Paulie Hits DC, Pulls Zero Punches on the Visit



Paulie Hits DC, Pulls Zero Punches on the Visit

You know, by know, that when he's mad as hell, he isn't going to take it anymore. He will tell you what is on his mind, pretty much no matter who you are. Correct he very often is, politically correct not as much…

And now again Paul Malignaggi goes on the record with a hard-edged commentary….this time, he takes at aim at the politicians and the people with the proximity to the levers of power and ability to make positive change who choose to do nothing. You know the ones…maybe they are you, and me at times.

How often do we look the other way, refuse to traffic in hard reality, and instead splash around in the pool of the trivial? It's like after the latest mass murder with high powered firearms meant for soldiers, in the hands of another loser with a cause, you get the NRA suck ups talking about offering their hopes and prayers for the victims and their families. What about fixing it, fools?

And when fighters fall, and don't get up, you see and hear the words of sadness, disbelief, the calls to pray. But it becomes repetitive and you look around and you note, which power players pay attention to the issue all the time, and which parachute in with the prayer call…

Malignaggi attended a gathering in Washington, DC on Tuesday, with some other fighters and support personnel, and the topic largely was the neurological well being of people who hit each others' head for a living. I asked him about the event and how he views the Arizona Senator John McCain in the context of focusing on and aiding the push for more focused and responsible care for fighters' brain wellness.

“McCain was cool. He's a fight fan. And genuinely cares about fighter safety, which is rare in Washington. So rare that he's actually the only one. It's good to know that there's people in positions of authority and power that have the ability to possibly make a difference be interested in the well-being of fighters,” Malignaggi said. “Everyone loves to say all the right things and when a fighter gets hurt everyone loves to give their quote. Like they actually care but the truth is almost everyone does not care they just like to front and say the politically correct thing but in Senator McCain's case he's shown through actions, not just words, that he consistently is not just a fan of our sport but also has shown that he wants fighters to be taken care of as much as possible. He is literally the only one in Washington that time and again takes the time to think about fighters and their well-being both in the sport of boxing and the business of boxing.”


Well placed combo.

They say Paulie's not a big hitter, but those jabs and straight power shots made their marks on their targets.

Here's a release which went out illuminating the push to better handle longer term brain health:

Boxing legend Larry Holmes, NFL Great and MMA Fighter Herschel Walker, World Champion boxers Paulie Malignaggi and Austin Trout, Bellator MMA’s Phil Davis, Bellator MMA President Scott Coker and Spike President Kevin Kay Join Senator McCain and Dr. Bernick In Discussing the Importance of Ongoing Study

April 26, 2016, Las Vegas – Some of the biggest names in boxing and mixed martial arts joined Senator John McCain and Dr. Charles Bernick, M.D., M.P.H., associate medical director ofCleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Healthtoday on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of the ongoing study of fighters’ brain health and announce a new Nevada State Athletic Commission fighter safety regulation.

Today, Bernick shared that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will require all fighters in Nevada to partake in regular brain health testing, making it the first sport to track brain fitness over an athlete’s career. All fighters in Nevada will be assessed using the C3 app, which is the tool used in the Professional Fighters Brain Health Study and developed by Cleveland Clinic.

“We’re extremely pleased by the Commission’s decision to require regular brain health testing using the C3 app in Nevada, which was a decision influenced largely by data collected from the Professional Fighters Brain Health Study,” said Dr. Charles Bernick, M.D., M.P.H., associate medical director of Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. “The continued support from Bellator, Premier Boxing Champions and Spike is essential in propelling the study and fighter safety, and we are appreciative of their and contribution and presence at today’s event.”

Established in 2011 with nearly 600 active and retired athletes enrolled, the study is focused on developing methods to detect the earliest and most subtle signs of brain injury in athletes exposed to head trauma, as well as determining which individuals may be more likely to develop chronic neurological disorders. Participation is voluntary, and fighters in the study receive free, ongoing assessments of their brain health and function, including MRI scans. Individual tests will be repeated annually for a minimum of four years.

“As a former boxer and lifelong fan, I understand the critical need to improve research into the effects of contact sports on brain health and fighter safety,” said Senator McCain. “I appreciate the ongoing efforts of Cleveland Clinic and top boxing and mixed martial-arts organizations to complete these innovative studies so we can ensure the long-term health of these great athletes.”

“As proud supporters and contributors to the Professional Fighters' Brain Study, UFC is thrilled to see the Cleveland Clinic and the Nevada State Athletic Commission taking proactive measures to continue to put athletes' health and safety front and center,” said UFC Chief Operating Officer Ike Lawrence Epstein. “It is our collective responsibility as leaders to be at the forefront and always challenging the status quo in order to elevate the safety standards so critical to the future of combat sports.”

Viacom’s Bellator MMA and the Premier Boxing Champions announced their donation to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health’s Professional Fighters Study and their continued commitment to fighters’ safety.

Larry Holmes, a heavyweight boxing legend, was joined by current fighters, Paulie Malignaggi and Austin Trout on behalf of the Premier Boxing Champions, along with former NFL star and MMA fighter Herschel Walker, and Bellator MMA’s Phil Davis to discuss how the long range impact of the Cleveland Clinic study will have on the sport they love so much

“The sport of boxing has given me so much – and I cherished all the amazing fighters I’ve trained with, sparred with, and gone to battle with in my 29 years as a pro fighter. But now I’d like to show my support for an incredible group, The Cleveland Clinic that is making sure others have the same opportunity to have a long and prosperous career as I did. And most importantly, remain safe and healthy,” said boxing icon Larry Holmes.

“I’ve been both a professional football player and MMA fighter – and brain health in combative sports is an issue that must be addressed for the safety of these great athletes. I truly applaud the efforts of the Cleveland Clinic and the support from Bellator and all the other fight leagues who are tackling this issue head on,” said Herschel Walker, football legend and former pro fighter.

“I’m proud to be on Capitol Hill today representing my fellow MMA fighters in supporting this vital research that will help educate us and hopefully keep us safe long-term,” said Phil Davis, former All-American wrestler at Penn St and Bellator MMA fighter.

“I’m fighting for a world title in a few weeks – but today I’d like to show my support a true undisputed champion – The Cleveland Clinic – and the crucial work they do in researching brain health for us fighters,” said Austin Trout, junior middleweight top contender. “I’m hoping to be champion for a long time – and this research will go a long way in helping me do so.”

“For 15 years – I’ve fought the best and have always left everything I have in the ring,” said former welterweight champion and television commentator Paulie Malignaggi. “It’s great to know that in my corner is the Cleveland Clinic with the world’s best medical researchers working to make fighters safer.”

Bellator MMA’s Scott Coker and Spike President Kevin Kay also spoke about their commitment to this incredibly important and impactful study.

“Fighter safety is a top priority for Bellator and we applaud the Cleveland Clinic in their efforts that will have a positive long-range effect on the health of our fighters and on the future of our sport,” said Scott Coker, President, Bellator MMA.

“Spike recently launched a Fighters First campaign that speaks to our commitment to supporting these great athletes inside and outside the ring,” said Kay. “Fighters lay it all on the line in the ring or cage – and we owe to them and their health to fund the important work of the Cleveland Clinic,” said Kay.

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