Pacquiao vs. Vargas: Return Of The Villain



Pacquiao vs. Vargas: Return Of The Villain

In the ultimate war between stars, there is no Jedi without a Sith Lord. It doesn't occur often- but when they collide, the world stands captivated, for everything good and evil within ourselves will unfold before our eyes.

Boxing's ultimate villain does not believe in a “sweet science,” preferring something far more sour. The reason why Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao failed us, is because they were both heroes. Mayweather pretended to be a villain, while Pacquiao could not pretend to hate him.

Their weigh-in revealed this in rather dramatic ways; and I remember being “instantly” disappointed in the fight and deeply saddened before the bell rang.

A dark image of Edwin Valero jumped into the subconscious. If he was in front of “Money”, instead of the Christian version of Manny, Valero would've glared and spit in Floyd's fucking face–before absolutely all hell broke loose in Las Vegas.

Your ass would've known what kind of $100 PPV you were about to buy.

Of course, Valero literally killed all of his dreams- which is a nightmare; and true to his form, he paid the ultimate price.

But that's what we really want them to do at the expense of our entertainment, isn't it?

The irony is, Manny Pacquiao will fight like a villainous Valero against WBO welterweight champion Jesse Vargas on Nov. 5 @UNLV in Sin City for Top Rank.

Vargas doesn't posess a hero complex, nor does he project any real desire to become one.

Still, he fully expects to beat a man who has not only played a superhero wearing a cape on film but is regarded as one in boxing, and remains inspired by Bruce Lee in a senatorial way.

The only way to defeat this type of accomplished fighter, is to go super-villainous Sergey Kovalev on him, while having that same fighter trained by someone with the mind of Panama Lewis.

If Vargas is a natural ‘Plaster of Paris', Antonio Margarito-type of nasty bastard in a few weeks, then we've got a Marvel Comic film coming up.

If not, he's just a kite dancing in a hurricane.

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