NYFIGHTS Checks in With Coach Freddie Roach in Australia; Counting Down To Pacquiao-Horn



NYFIGHTS Checks in With Coach Freddie Roach in Australia; Counting Down To Pacquiao-Horn

So NYFIGHTS reached out and fired some questions for “Dedham” Freddie Roach, the Eddie Futch protege who has been Dundee to Manny Pacquiao‘s Ali for many moons.

How much longer will the dynamic duo keep on doing the rumbling thing? Impossible to say today; but Saturday, you all can see for yourself what the Senator has left in the tank when he seeks to hand ex school teacher Jeff Horn an L in Horn's homeland, Australia. This should be a lesson learned in levels of proficiency.

ESPN, the main network, shows the Top Rank tango.

Roach offered his take on what could be seeing Saturday and some other boxing business.

NYFIGHTS Question) Really truly seriously…has Manny been training his tail off? Or has he had trouble getting up for a relative unknown, like Horn?

 Roach Answer) “Manny has been training like a Trojan.  His work ethic is as strong today as it was when we first began working together.  No one trains harder than Manny.  He worked hard to become world champion and he is taking nothing for granted for this title defense.”

Q) How bad do you want, No NEED a KO? And does Manny have it in him anymore? Is it possible he doesn't have that drive to close the show, get nasty and get it stopped early?

A) “Boxing is a business as well as a sport.  Manny knows what sells and knockouts sell.  Believe me, if the opportunity presents itself in this fight, Manny will shoot the works and go for it.  With a record crowd at Suncorp Stadium and millions watching in the U.S. on ESPN, Manny will want to entertain.  He’s been extremely aggressive in sparring this training camp.  I expect an explosive performance.”

Q) Who has a better shot to beat the favorite, Jeff Horn, or Conor McGregor?

A) “Jeff Horn.  He’s a professional boxer.”

Q) Please give us your take on the chances that McGregor could land a shot to stop Floyd…

 A) “No chance.  Floyd’s ability and safety first attitude will guarantee that.”

Q) And your quick take on Floyd vs Conor..

 A) “The sports do not mix.  Just because I was a tree surgeon in Dedham, Massachusetts doesn’t make me qualified to perform open heart surgery.”

There you go.  Yep, Freddie has wit and you know I had to groove him a Mayweather-McGregor fastball!

Readers, RINGers, talk to me…anyone calling out a Horn upset? Shout it out if yes.

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