Nigel Benn sends warning to Roy Jones Jr ahead of Mike Tyson fight



Nigel Benn sends warning to Roy Jones Jr ahead of Mike Tyson fight

Nigel Benn, a two-weight world champion, expressed his concerns about the upcoming fight between two former boxers Roy Jones and Mike Tyson. 

In a recent interview with Press Box PR, Benn said that he would not get in the ring with Mike Tyson even if Tyson was smoking a spliff. He thinks that Roy Jones is showing great courage by getting in the ring with Mike Tyson, but that Roy Jones should be careful. When Tyson collars his opponent he does not show mercy and gives the opponents brain damaging shots. Nigel Benn thinks that Tyson is an animal and when hit by him it damages you forever. Roy Jones’s strategy is usually to hit and move and it might not work with Tyson. A 56-year-old Nigel Benn (below) is ranked as the fourth best British super-middleweight of all time and nicknamed “The Dark Destroyer.”

Nigel Benn retired in 1996 and wanted to fight again in 2019. But he hurt his shoulder and cancelled the idea.

Benn has cred in talking about the Tyson vs. Jones exhibition. The 56 year old man, out of the ring since 1996, trained for a comeback fight in November 2019. But injuries had him cancel the plan in October.

Roy Jones is currently 51. He held championships in four weight categories. Mr. Benn seems to hear a lot of fear in his voice and says he would be careful with getting in the ring with Mike Tyson. He emphasizes that one hit by Tyson is enough to leave a person damaged for life. When Nigel Benn was planning his return to the ring he offered Roy Jones a fight too, but Mr. Benn was forced to cancel the match because of an injury.

How the boxing world handled the pandemic break

Wayne McCullough, former WBC bantamweight champion stayed at home in Las Vegas with his wife and child. He used to go running every day around his neighborhood. There were only a couple of people walking outside so it was relatively safe. He also uploaded some workout videos for people to watch for free and exercise at home. The fighter thinks there is no excuse for anyone not to exercise. 

—-Anthony Yigit, former European super-lightweight champion and world title challenger said that he was looking forward to leaving Las Palmas for the US for his fight in April. He was unable to leave because of the COVID-19 pandemic and spent most of the time at home. He trained in his basement every day. He was very sad when he had to cancel his fights in the US and his training camp, because he was in great shape. The fighter hopes everything will be back to normal soon and he will be able to schedule fights in the US again. 

–What were the boxing fans doing meanwhile? As the live sport events were postponed due to covid pandemic, boxing and sport fans started playing console and iGaming more. The popularity of iGaming increased during the pandemic as sports fans switched to it. The legit online casino platforms saw a massive growth due to live games that could get more attention from people who loved the feeling of playing in live mode against other players. Currently boxing union has only partnered with the video gaming industry and players have boxing on consoles like Playstation and Xbox. When the boxing union partners up with iGaming brands, then fans will have a chance to get a boxing game adapted to digital casinos and it will be a viral game of the year.

—Mike Tyson’s big return to the ring will now take place on November 28 instead of September 12th. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones were initially scheduled to fight on September 12th. Tyson said in an interview that “changing the date to November 28th will allow more people to see the biggest comeback in boxing history.” He added that Roy Jones better be ready because Mike Tyson is “coming full force.” There will be judges at the ringside for the bout and the winner will get a specially designated belt. Tyson, who is now 54 years old, wants to fight in front of the live audience. The Dignity Health Sports Park will host the event—unless it will be moved to Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Even if the stadium will keep the social distancing regulations it will still be able to accommodate up to 20,000 fans.