MMA Dating – The Pros and Cons of Dating an MMA Fighter



MMA Dating – The Pros and Cons of Dating an MMA Fighter

Have you ever tried online dating? Which singles demographic do you fall into, the one-in-three who are already hooked on online dating, or the two-thirds who haven’t tried it yet, but intend to at some point?! One of the most potent properties of dating sites is the way you can be introduced to individuals you are most compatible with, and different dating services will point to many possibilities. After you’ve searched through dating platforms on a different review services and decided to try out loveawake dating site , you can take time browsing through the profiles of the other singles, selecting individuals who share your interests.  But there’s also a strong case for opposites attracting. Take the example of mixed-martial-arts (MMA). Unless you were a practitioner yourself, you might assume connecting with an MMA fighter would present challenges. The answer to that question? Yes and no. Here we examine the pros and cons.


Fighters are in peak physical condition

This is probably the most obvious factor. Anyone sitting on the fence regarding the pluses and minuses of getting involved with a fighter only has to picture them in action. Understandably, a lot of fighters don’t like loved ones, whether that’s family or a significant other, witnessing their fights. The thought of witnessing someone they are close to in the Octagon, possibly receiving consistent blows and bloody wounds, would prove traumatic. But watching them train would be another matter. Whether you are dating a male or female MMA fighter, the vision of their ripped physique working out in a club or with home gym equipment would be quite a turn-on. If you’re new to this relationship, it wouldn’t take a stretch of the imagination to speculate that their bedroom prowess would be an extrapolation of their powerful fitness levels.


Depending on where your fighter boyfriend/girlfriend happens to be in the pecking order, MMA can be extremely lucrative. The prizes vary considerably but can range from several thousand dollars up to the top professional level, where successful fighters can command millions. Where extreme sports are concerned, MMA is the world’s fastest-growing, and the payout for successful protagonists has rocketed accordingly. According to the Way of Martial Arts online magazine, in 2020 the average income for fighters was almost $150,000, with nearly 40% of fighters earning six-figures. The highest-paid MMA exponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov, earned a mind-boggling $6,090,000. If you are prepared to endure the constant threat of injury to your other half and support them in their endeavors, your reward would be a comfortable lifestyle.


The threat to health

The obvious downside of going out with someone who regularly enters brutal competitions, where they face a barrage of kicks and punches, is the constant threat of injury. Unlike professional boxing, the gloves used in MMA are less padded and capable of delivering more dangerous strikes, in theory. Feet can also be used as deadly weapons. Direct blows to the head have the potential to cause a concussion. There might be an immediate impact, leading to unconsciousness, while the longer-term effects can be sustained brain damage.

These are just the physical consequences of MMA fighting. Mentally, the unseen scars can be just as devastating. Fighters are only as good as their last fight, and in every contest, there will probably be one loser. They might receive appearance money, but if a losing streak continues, domestic bills could remain unpaid, meaning there will be an even more detrimental effect on self-esteem. There will come a time when even the most accomplished fighter will find it harder to recover from punishing competitions. The older they get, the less likely they will be able to evade strikes, meaning their success rate will diminish. The key to maintaining a successful lifestyle is to plan for the future outside the Octagon.