MIRACLE MAN Errol Spence Cheated Death, Looked As Good As Old Self Beating Danny Garcia



MIRACLE MAN Errol Spence Cheated Death, Looked As Good As Old Self Beating Danny Garcia

In October of 2019, Errol Spence drove his Ferrari too fast, flipped it and flew out of the vehicle, 50 feet, onto his face. He should have died on that Texas highway, and yet he healed up, and a little over a year later, went into a Texas ring with Danny Garcia and looked damn near where he was before the crash.

The PBC fight went the distance, and Spence had his hand raised, by scores of 116-112, 116-112, 117-111, but both men deserve props.

Spence, first and foremost, Great God, it's mind blowing that he bounced back against such a solid customer in that fashion.

And Garcia could have folded up round around 7 or 8 or so, but he hung tough, and his effort was valiant as hell. There were tighter rounds than the boys in the booth said, and Danny deserves pats on the back for standing up to the strength of the Texan.

Overall, this has to be seen, though, as Spences' night. He did end over end somersaults out of a sports car, and clanged his face on pavement. He has to be in contention for best chin of all time.

Garcia said after that, “Errol was just the better man tonight,” and he thanked God. “No excuses,” he said. The Spence jab was solid, and that really was the difference. “And he was a little more busier.”

Next? He said he wanted to re-build, but “I fought hard and I fought proud.”

Spence spoke after the win. “It's surreal, man,” he said. “I think I looked pretty good,” he said, admitting to some rust and cobwebs. He told the interviewer that he felt great in camp and that's why he wanted to fight someone the caliber of Danny. He asked for patience, and said he will be “one hundred twenty percent my next fight.” He played a bit much, he admitted, and showed superb humility after the W was announced.

He said he'd go back to the ranch, get some more horses and chickens, that he wants to get family time, and come back in the summer.

You will note the punch stat numbers below. According to CompuBox, the two athletes each landed 103 power shots. The Spence jab edge, 84-14, was quite telling, which Garcia noted in the post-fight presser.

The Texan Spence (holding the WBC and IBF welterweight titles; 146 1/2) came to the ring with a 26-0 mark, while the Philadelphian Garcia (146 3/4) entered at 36-2.

Trainer Derrick James deserves heavy credit too, for seeing his guy back to this point.

A dynamic duo, indeed. Photo by Ryan Hafey for PBC

In the first round at AT &T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Errol was aggressive, from the start, and his output was voluminous. Garcia was his typical cautious self, but he landed a couple rights,

In round two, Garcia was busier, he was a more confident ring general. In the third, in the middle third, there was trading. A couple hard lefts landed for Errol, and Danny clanged to the body.

In the fourth, Danny was very busy. He stood his ground and in this round didn't allow himself to get walked back. He was a slick ring general in this round. Not moving as much benefitted him.

In round five, Danny was again busy, he wasn't choosing to move so much now. His big right just missed, but grazed and landed some. This was a super tight round.

In the sixth, Errol's power spoke. The left eye of Danny was puffing. In round seven, Errol's stamina looked superb, he was moving forward and banging.

In the eighth, the power of Errol was on display. He was a welterweight and Danny looked like a 140 coming up. We saw a cut on the bridge of Danny's nose. “Don't let him pitty pat you, man,” Angel said after the round.

In round nine, we heard Derrick James say that the jab is the key, and he likes what Danny is doing. Spence was now moving, having fun. Danny worked more, threw more, and Errol took a bit of the round off. In round ten, we heard Angel Garcia say that Danny needed to be more active, not look to be that counter puncher. He complied; a right hand landed clean for Danny, and he was active, and back in the fight a bit.

To round 11, it was another tight one. Danny advanced more, he stayed in the pocket, calm and cool. In round 12, we saw Danny stand in the pocket, and he was busy, and it was another tight round. We'd go to the cards, with the belief that Spence had done something quite improbable. He cheated death, and Vinny Paz style, came back and looked like his old badass self.

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