Mayweather vs. Deji: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results



Mayweather vs. Deji: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results

Boxing Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues his exhibition tour as he faced YouTube sensation Deji, who is the younger brother of KSI.

Floyd Mayweather faced a foe 20 pounds heavier than him, and the opponent is 20 years younger than this era’s TBE. Floyd didn't fret, and we wondered if he would even break a sweat when he battled Deji in an exhibition revenue collection exercise in Dubai on Sunday late afternoon in US (ET).

Hey, one never knows, but we figured there'd be a better chance of Trump bumping Kamala and riding sidecar with Biden vs DeSantis in Showdown ‘24 than Deji surprising the Money Man and wrecking an inevitable Exhibition Superfight with Jake Paul next year.

Just in case, though, you could soak up the spectacle on, with distribution aided by Integrated Sports.

Expect ring walks anytime after 5:00 p.m. ET/ 2:00 p.m. PT. If you can't catch the action live, keep it locked here on NYFights for live round-by-round updates with an unofficial scorecard so you can see who is ahead.


Round 1: Floyd drops hands, first of 8 two minute rounds. Deji the lefty has high guard. Floyd paws like he’s in with a kid. Nice Deji jab to body, Floyd smiles. Easy work, easiest ever

NYF Score: Floyd 10-9

Rd 2: Floyd played card girl, then came out jabbing. He was throwing with 10 percent power. Deji landed and the crowd dug it. Floyd upped power to 20 percent. He rat a tatted, the people liked it. Deji was scared to throw

Score: Floyd 10-9

Rd 3: Floyd stood and did pads during the break. Deji pawed a jab, and then opened up, with an uppercut. Floyd flung a couple rights, slipped a shot, and Deji got bolder. Floyd was at 22 percent power. He did a 360 whirl at end of round, then danced at the break

Score: Floyd 10-9

Rd 4: Deji opened up, got punished. Floyd whacked, went low with a right, Deji was getting eaten up now. They both threw low, we saw a lil swelling on Floyd left eye, off a hook.

Score: Floyd 10-9

Rd 5: Floyd edged closer, clowned, feinted, and Deji held. His energy was decent, it must be said. Deji tried to walk Floyd down, and MM grinned. A lead left from Deji didn’t land, but he was getting busier

Score: Floyd 10-9

Rd 6: Deji did push-ups while Floyd got enswell on the left eye. Floyd threw harder now. He was throwing at 37 percent now. Now 65 percent, and ref Kenny Bayless stopped it. Too early? Maybe, if you wanted Deji punished. Replay showed five left hooks landed and Bayless did the nice thing.



Floyd Mayweather has found a nice niche since he gloved up for the last time, in 2017, against Conor McGregor. The 45 year old living legend has done exhibitions with Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, YouTube influencer, Logan Paul, ex sparring partner Don Moore, and MMAer Mikuru Asakura. On Sunday, Floyd strutted his stuff once again, getting in the ring with Deji, who if you don’t know is  a social media attraction.

Deji had three amateur fights and one semi-pro fight on his ledger, but more importantly, he has a following. Do that math, because this event is all about math, in the form of trying to attract attention and transform curiosity into action, in the form of purchasing this PPV. 

No matter that Deji lost all three of his exhibition bouts (to Jake Paul, Vinnie Hacker and Alex Wassabi). He came in off a win over  in off a high, having downed American YouTuber Fousey, via stoppage. Here's the important part: Deji boasts 3.1 million followers on Instagram, and 2.4 million Twitter followers.

Floyd has 7.8 Twitter followers, 28.4 million on IG.

Floyd Mayweather and foe Deji both have a huge following on social media

And the action? In round one, we saw Floyd clown and smile. Deji didn’t want to throw much, he held a high guard in round two, as Floyd threw at maybe 20 percent, tops. Floyd threw harder, a bit, in round three. In the fourth, Deji landed a right hook, and that caused a lil scrape. In the fifth, Floyd edged closer, threw harder. Deji had good energy, his nerves didn’t sap him. Deji did push ups after the round, and Floyd punished him for that. He got Deji in a corner, and a left hook buzzed Deji. Ref Kenny Bayless looked hard, and after four more hooks, pulled the plug. 

After the ending, Floyd spoke: He thanked the country, and lauded his dance partner. He called Deji a helluva fighter. “Continue to work  hard, continue to build,” he told Deji. “I’m glad he landed a great shot,” said Mayweather, classy and sagacious, knowing that Deji will be able to forever treasure that memory, of causing that scrape.

Deji post fight said that he was proud to be in there. “It was an early stoppage,” he said, he wanted to continue. He loves boxing, he declared, and thanked folks for buying the PPV. 

Both men get it, that they are now in the sales business.

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