Mayweather v McGregor: LA LA LAND



Mayweather v McGregor: LA LA LAND

(LOS ANGELES) The only thing they didn't do was put the actual Hollywood sign inside of Staples Center.

If their first scenes shot on Tuesday were any indication, the August 26 showdown featuring Floyd Mayweather V Conor McGregor on SHOWTIME PPV at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will be R-rated dark comedy with a graphic ending.

As a purist of boxing, something UFC cereal box prize Colin Cowherd called ‘dead' less than a year ago (along with the sport itself), the LA unveiling of May/ Mac proves he was right– to a certain extent.

Over 20,000 fans were clearly MMA fans there to see McGregor, the future, and it didn't take long to understand why after he appeared LIVE and in front of the cameras. A total stand-up guy who just oozes charisma and self-confidence, ‘Notorious' wore the look of a syndicate big shot (an Irish Sonny Corleone, from “The Godfather”) to Mayweather's angry ‘Lil Wayne with a bald head and tattoo removal cream.

I decided to have a new generation fan experience of this event, sitting among them in the stands and interacting. Glad I did, for it took forever to actually bring them out. In between, we were forced to sit through B-level entertainment and chew on stale clips of both. But it was interesting to see and hear just how uninterested they were in TMT or Mayweather, who felt like junk mail in your phone every time he appeared on screen.

I found myself wondering, “Why aren't they showing video of Floyd's pressers with Oscar De La Hoya? What about some of his bad boy shit with Shane Mosley?”

Everything shown of him on screen felt old because it was– including Floyd himself (admittedly), which means, as inconceivable as this sounds, Conor can put a shocking new “1” in Floyd's loss column.

The past always paves the way for the future, as old nemesis Manny Pacquiao showed with the mega-hit among the masses bullshit loss to Jeff Horn on ESPN. Mayweather had a shovel to break ground on the 400 million dollar T-Mobile Arena when construction began, and Vegas betting “Money” says he's ripe for demolition.

You've seen video of this event by now and know of all the high school insults levied out. It was great theater, funny as hell and compelling, as the urban contrasts between them go far deeper than black vs white. If this LA presser showed me anything, its that they hate the idea of losing to the other's fanbase almost as much as they hate each other.

Some of you can hate on this event all you want, but as a connoisseur of viewing violence, there's a reason to love this fight.

May V Mac: My First Take
Since the F-Bomb was hurled all over Staples Center like so many Kobe Bryant jumpers, fuck it, I hope he knocks Mayweather on fucking his “A-Side” but that is very unlikely to happen.

We're not only talking about the best pure boxer of Generation X, Floyd is quite possibly the most technically sound boxer of all-time. Perfect rhythm and sequence. Flawless coordination and distance control. Invisible defense with a sight adjusting offense.

In a game of inches, Mayweather could reduce McGregor to a minimalist of millimeter proportion. Like a super welterweight Apollo Creed in an NWA hat pretending his opponent is a cop he's just handcuffing round after round while breaking out the billy bat. Just don't be surprised if McGregor has a taser.

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