Khademi vs Chauke Prediction: South African Success Story



Khademi vs Chauke Prediction: South African Success Story

An underrated boxing event takes place in Bethnal Green, London, England this weekend — but our Khademi vs Chauke prediction is that these two fighters won't be underrated anymore by the time their bout is over. 

With the vacant IBO World Flyweight Title on the line, the stakes have never been higher for these top-tier, 112-pound boxers. While only one of them is going to get their hand raised on Saturday, we have a Quaise Khademi vs Jackson Chauke prediction that each fighter will enter the ring in the best shape of their life, looking to produce a spectacular performance for those fans in attendance and the rest of us watching around the world. 

Khademi vs Chauke Prediction

Quaise Khademi Preview

While Quaise “Kaisy” Khademi — a fighter with a 10-1-2 professional record, which includes four KO victories — is perhaps best known for his three wars against Ijaz Ahmed (which accounts for the one loss and two draws on Khademi's fighting record), he has since responded from that adversity by producing two straight KO victories in 2023. 

Although Khademi hasn't been known for his power throughout his professional career, his recent string of knockout victories suggests that he may have altered his technique or strategy since those Ahmed fights, in order to improve his power potential. And even if not, Khademi is clearly doing something right. 

Two aspects of Khademi's style jump out of the screen when watching him fight; one of which is his head movement. Few fighters in the world have such elite head movement on defense as Khademi, which enables him to avoid damage throughout his bouts and come on strong during later rounds. 

The second is his body work. Khademi loves to land brutal body shots — and our Khademi vs Chauke prediction is that Khademi will be looking for these punches early and often. If he can manage to land these — especially in the first few rounds, while Chaulke is still fresh — that should provide Khademi an advantage that he could capitalize on via knockout; which might make this fight among the most exciting bouts this weekend.  

Jackson Chauke Preview 

At 38 years old, Jackson “M3” Chauke — a fighter with a 23-2-2 professional record, which includes 15 KO victories — is eager to win the IBO World Flyweight belt while he's still at the peak of his boxing ability. 

While the last bout of “M3” — which is one of the best nicknames for an active boxer — in October 2023 produced an impressive victory, it was Chauke's KO victory over Mustafa Mkupasi in July 2022 that was his most eye-opening win in recent memory. 

And as that above video's thumbnail will suggest, Chauke does possess incredible knockout power. The fact that a flyweight fighter has over a 65% knockout percentage in his victories is unheard of — and our Khademi vs Chauke prediction is that this power may end up being the difference between Chauke winning and losing this championship bout. 

If — and that's a major if — Chauke can find a way past Khademi's elite head movement and get his power punches to connect, then the crowd in England this weekend could see Khademi going to sleep. 

Quaise Khademi vs Jackson Chauke: Chauke's Power Earns Him The Belt

Our official Khademi vs Chauke prediction is that Jackson Chauke will win the fight by a knockout in the later rounds. 

While it might seem absurd to pick the much older fighter to win this IBO World Flyweight title, we believe that his age (and experience) advantage — plus his power — will prove to be why Chauke will emerge victorious. 

Because Chauke has more than double the professional fights that Khademi has, we think Chauke will be the more patient, confident boxer in the ring on Saturday. We expect to see him take his time, lean on his experience to read Khademi's patented defense, and find the perfect time to strike — and we know what Chauke's knockout power can do. For that reason, we think taking Chauke via KO — which you can currently find at +500 — might be the best bet you place this weekend

Yet, Khademi being the younger, fresher fighter could play to his advantage. In fact, we believe the fight will rely on whether Khademi can keep his defense up to its elite standard throughout the evening. If he can, then we think Khademi by decision — currently available at +130 — is another solid betting option. 

Last weekend, we saw a South African win a championship belt in the UFC. While that obviously has nothing to do with this weekend's IBO World Flyweight Title fight, perhaps it should serve as a sign that this is South Africa's time to shine in combat sports.

Can Chauke keep that momentum going, and bring his home country another title belt of his own? That's what we'll be tuning in to see. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.