Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller Will Eat Up Mariusz Wach



Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller Will Eat Up Mariusz Wach

I'm from where the hammers is rung/newscameras won't come/You and ya man hung on every verse in a rhyme/Where the grams was slung/N*ggaz vanished every summer/When the blue vans would come, we threw the work in the can and “Run!”

–Brooklyn's own Jay-Z, “Where I'm From”
Like Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe before him, the first thing you know about Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, is that the certified ring goon hails from Brooklyn. The fight game's hip-hop version of Fat Albert with a vendetta promises mayhem tonight at Nassau Coliseum on HBO (10pm ET/PT).
As a potential high profile match up with Anthony Joshua hangs in the balance, Double B plans to turn into a blue Brinks truck and run over a Polish Bond villainesque looking Mariusz Wach.
“I was throwing 70 bricks a round at well over 300lbs G, and I wasn't even close to the animal I am now,” growls Big Baby, as he watches Wach go through ring drills at Mendez Gym in Manhattan on Wednesday. “I'm about to break the shit out of a real heavyweight, not like that fake chump (aka Bermane Stiverne) you saw last week.”
Miller (19-0-1, 17KOs) is, of course, referring to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who wasted Bermane Stiverne under a fusillade of bullets at Barclays last Saturday night. He understands the hype, but, can't believe it, believing the entire world will be able to separate fact from fiction in 2018.
“He never even wanted it with Luiz Ortiz if we keep this real. Never. Apollo Creed is realer than Deontay Wilder… Bermane Stiverne ain't shit!” sang Miller, with no falsetto.
Relaying to Big Baby that Ortiz was caught standing at ringside after the KO — with outstretched arms asking “Why?” upon making eye contact with a fully adrenaline charged Wilder, promoter Eddie Hearn intervened with a question and answer of his own.
“And what did Wilder do when Ortiz did that? Did he start talking tough– or just flash that fake smile of his? AJ couldn't stop laughing after hearing all the bullshit coming from him,” said Hearn, going in on Wilder before going out with Miller. “This man (Big Baby) is a force in the heavyweight division. He still has to beat Wach, but I see him as a bigger threat to AJ than Wilder.”
Wach (33-2, 17KOs) is a towering specimen of doom with an entire jawline consisting of chin. Wladimir Klitschko slowly paint jobbed the 6'7, 260lb Pole in 2012 by UD, before Alexander Povetkin finally stopped him via 12th round TKO in 2015. But Wach has reemerged as a problem.
“I will eat Maruisz Wach,” observes Big Baby, still watching with a finished mental scouting report. “Watch! I mean, look at him. That's an unlimited buffet in front in me right there and I'm getting paid to eat. He ain't nothin.”

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