Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Live Round By Round Coverage and Result



Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Live Round By Round Coverage and Result

It is the most anticipated fight of all time pitting a 6-0 fighter (Jake Paul) against an 8-0 boxer (Tommy Fury), from Saudi Arabia, the new mecca for mega fights.

The 26 year old You Tuber turned pugilist/boxing promoter from Cleveland, Ohio takes on a 23 years old reality show hunk/sometimes boxer from England more genetically blessed than his big more famous brother in looks, if not athletic assets.

The Manchester boy Fury came to the ring first, he looked like maybe he wasn't sure if he could pull this off. He'd promised to finish Jake within four rounds. He came out to the stage to Creedence Clearwater Revival's “Fortunate Son,” a Vietname era song which lacerated the cushy folks who looked on while kids got drafted and died for a murky cause.

Jake Paul made Tommy wait, the music for Jake didn't start right after Tommy's. After ten minutes, Jake strode to the ring. He wore a “Problem Child” jersey, looking earnest. Eyes down, he walked the hallway, then started jogging a bit, smashed his gloves together. Michael Buffer, the ATG emcee, introed “The Problem Chiiiiildddd, Jake Paaauuuuuul.”

Jake Paul fought Tommy Fury in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Boos greeted his name when Buffer gave his stats. Trainer BJ Flores stood behind Jake and whispered motivational tidbits.

Here are the round by round results from the 8 rounds (or less) cruiserweight clash, which screens on the ESPN platform:

Round 1: Tommy came out hard, looking to land and clinch. Clinches galore to start and ref is warning both to not be chippy. Tommy did headlocks, and the ref warned him for holding at 1:42. Clinch, clinch, in the 18 foot ring. A Jake overhand did land, the right hand had some pop. Fury to the body, he moved laterally, feinted, and threw a jab. Decent jab, too. A flurry at the end buzzed the crowd. Tommy had a good start.

Winner: Fury 10-9


Round 2: Jake following, Tommy moving well, mostly to his left. Jake waiting too much. The Fury jab stood out, it's long and hard. Jake not cutting off ring well. Tommy dropping hands, cocky? Tommy won first 2/3 of round. Co trainer J'Leon Love and BJ Flores gave advice to Jake after the round. They agreed first two rounds were close.

Winner: Fury 10-9


Round 3: Tommy moving less now. Battle of jabs, Jake making him miss more. They both hooked, was Tommy slowing down? The round was up for garbs last 1/3…..They started clinching more. Another close round. Neither pulled away

Winner: 10-10


Round 4: Fury combos are good! Fury is the busier man, his right has pop on it, he looked confident. Jake looked weary at 1:40. Tommy controlling the ring. Fury jabs, not looking gassed, Tommy waves Jake to come at him harder. More movement now again from Fury. Replays showed that Fury is very accurate with the right. Fury ate a clean left hook just fine, on replay. Stats: 27-82 for Jake, 44-157 for Tommy

Winner: Fury 10-9, it's Fury up 3-0-1


Round 5: Both had said it would end within 4. Nope. More clinching to start this round. Right from Jake, harder right from Fury. Then the ref took a point from Jake for hitting behind the head. BAD CALL! Left from Jake landed! Was Fury hurt? Lil sloppier round.

Winner: 9-9 (Jake took it, but had point deducted)


Round 6: Blood from Fury mouth? But his punches are sharp, and fast. His right uppercut was on point. We got more clinching, fatigue was present. Jake's jab was there some. He bruised under the left eye, btw. The ref told both to stop holding. Fury counter right, quick! Then the ref took a point from Fury, for holding! Shawn Porter says the ref doesn't understand things. Then he backtracks some…Sloppy round, Tommy did the better work in the first half.

Winner: (9-9) Tommy took it, but had a point deducted


Round 7: Jake initiated clinches some. He missed with a wild right, Fury now also looking to clinch. Two Fury combos, his dad wants him to keep flurrying, not clinching. A Jake right looked sharp. Fury backed Jake up, he was putting punches in bunches. Fury stayed sharp and saw the round through. We saw blood on left eye of Fury on replay. Replay showed clash of heads, accidental.

Winner: Fury 10-9 (5-1-1, Fury to this point)


Round 8: A right puts Fury down. It was flash knockdown. Then he snapped the jab, his eyes were clear. Fury came back strong, he'd jab and throw two, three rights. He backed Jake up at 1:15. He was looking to drop Jake. Fury almost came back to even up the round.

Winner: Paul, 10-8

NYFights Scorecard: Fury wins, 5-2-1, with one extra point to Jake for the knockdown. Both had points deducted for infractions, so that's a wash.

The official decision: 75-74 for Paul; 76-73 for Fury; 76-73 for Fury, SD12 win for the underdog

Founder/editor Michael Woods got addicted to boxing in 1990, when Buster Douglas shocked the world with his demolition of the then-impregnable Mike Tyson. The Brooklyn-based journalist has covered the sport since for ESPN The Magazine,, Bad Left Hook and RING. His journalism career started with NY Newsday in 1999. Michael Woods is also an accomplished blow by blow and color man, having done work for Top Rank, DiBella Entertainment, EPIX, and for Facebook Fightnight Live, since 2017.