Jab Hook’s Main Card Quick Picks, Inc. Teofimo, Valdez, Commey



Jab Hook’s Main Card Quick Picks, Inc. Teofimo, Valdez, Commey

Ford Center at the Star, Frisco, TX, February 2, 2019, (ESPN): Jab Hook's Maincard Quick Picks

Teofimo Lopez 11 (9)-0 vs. Diego Magdaleno 31 (13)-2(1), lightweights boxing in a 10 round prizefight for more than just the money!

Jab is hereby declaring a lack of objectivity when it comes to “El Brooklyn.” Teo Lopez is my man! He is a proud Latino, born in a borough where his people make up a fifth of the city, raised in Florida and residing in Las Vegas.

This Honduran American is ready to take over the world. Lopez was featured in two of Jab's 2018 Superlatives:

KNOCKOUT of 2018: Teofimo “El Brooklyn” Lopez's brutal right hook to the temple that KO'd Mason Menard on his feet and made him land on his face. Calculated, cold-hearted, and called “The Seven”, it was a snapping punch from Teofimo that stopped the world in Menard's brain. Lopez has again caught the attention of the boxing world, and we can hardly look away.

Teofimo Lopez should get the better of vet Diego Magdaleno on Feb. 2.

PROSPECT OF THE 2018: Teofimo Lopez, “El Brooklyn” has 82% KOs and is hungry and strong enough to take a big bite out of the lightweight division in 2019. Honestly, Teofimo is turning into a contender already. So far, Lopez has been handled well by his dad Junior Lopez. He has also one of Jab Hook's favorite boxing nicknames, too. It will be interesting to see how his career is handled in 2019-20. Yes, “El Brooklyn” has talent, skills, power and confidence, but boxing is a very unforgiving business. His match-ups need to be selected judiciously to allow him to grow and develop as a boxers. As good as Lopez is already, he still has lots to learn in the ring.

Diego Magdaleno will look really good on the walk in and for the ref's instruction his stare will be impressive. Guy has got a great build, he is a southpaw and a tough fighter, but mostly in clubs and small venues. Twice “Mr Superb” has tried to graduate to the big leagues, but both times he failed as Roman Martinez and Terry Flanagan denied the Las Vegas native his moment. He had only one fight in 2016, none in 2017, and two against weak opponents in 2018. Magdaleno is more than a decade older than the buzzsaw he is about to meet.

This will be fast and hopefully not too violent, as “El Brooklyn” looks looks dangerous again. Jab wants Teo to take his time and show respect. No rush dude, it is just a matter of time. But like the best pop songs on the radio, it has to build. Set the stage, let “Mr Superb” introduce himself, at least TRY to show a little respect. But after a verse or two, “take him to the bridge”.

Hey Teo, after you have thrown him into the river, you need to praise Magdeleno and thank him. Then call out Raymundo Beltran because he is your best next step.

Jab picks “El Brooklyn” to shine bright like a diamond with an early KO, again.

Sorry, he really cannot help himself. But Jab promises, the last two are the actual “Quick picks”:

Oscar Valdez 24(19) -0 vs. Carmine Tommasone 19(5)-0, 12 rounds of featherweights boxing for Valdez's WBO title.

The 34 yo Italian is an undefeated club fighter venturing out of town for the 1st time ever. A guy who went pro late at 26 yo., his opponent is a hot prospect who has faced top opposition, defeated them all, and stopped 80% of them. It will be a Mexican feast and “Mr Wolf “ will be devoured quickly with lots of hot chili peppers to punctuate the meal.

Jab Hook predicts a 4th round TKO win for Oscar Valdez…

Oscar Valdez has been off from a broken jaw so his comeback fight is against a severe underdog.

.. with a referee stoppage to save the Italian from further harm.

Richard Commey 27(24)-2 vs Isa Chaniev 13(6)-1, 12 rounds of boxing for the vacant IBF lightweight title.

A couple years ago Commey…

Richard Commey can get a fight with Vasyl Lomachenko if he gets past Isa Chaniev on Feb. 2.

.. lost two in a row, a bitter pill for the proud boxer from Accra, Ghana. Commey has fought on the international stage and was a contender for the IBF belt against Robert Easter Jr, but he came up short. This is his second shot at that title and this one will not slip away.

Isa Chaniev is a regional professional fighter from Russia. His background is modest and to put it lightly. He is the outsider in this championship contest. Less experienced, with a reach drawback, look for him to struggle and get frustrated. This will play into Commey's hands, literally.

Jab Hook is sure that the belt will be in Africa again soon. Commey will eventually overwhelm a tough Isa Chaniev via TKO in the late rounds.

Check Sunday morning for Jab Hook's Epilogue on the bouts from the Ford Center at the Star, Frisco, TX

“Jab Hook”, aka “Brooklyn” Joe Healy is a boxing expert commentator for, a professional cutman from the BOXWERK gym, and a licensed referee/judge in amateur boxing. A lifelong aficionado born in Brooklyn and living in Munich, “The Sweet Science” is his passion. Please feel free to contact him as Jab Hook on FaceBook, at [email protected], or on Twitter