If You Missed The Fights, Watch Charlo Twins Wins Saturday on Showtime



If You Missed The Fights, Watch Charlo Twins Wins Saturday on Showtime

I said before the fights, please make up your mind now, on what it will mean if and when Jermall Charlo beats Sergiy Derevyanchenko on Saturday, Sept. 26 at Mohegan Sun in CT, and on Showtime pay per view.

Boxing fans are funny that way, but actually, it's not so strange that they'll move the goal posts to fit their POV. Because that's something people do, all the time, every day, to justify their own actions, or the behavior of someone in their tribe, or somebody they back.

Before the WBC title defense for Jermall Charlo, did anyone and everyone who said that Derevyanchenko is kind of old, and has never won a step-up fight go out on that limb, and say that BEFORE the Texas twin collided with the Ukraine native?

Or was that something that was decided upon after they watched the fight, and saw Charlo get the UD12?

And before Jermell Charlo did his thing and stopped Jeison Rosario, did anyone who downgraded the showing tell you before that they believed Rosario actually isn't much of a step up fight? Did they already decide that Rosario's win over Julian “J-Rock” Williams was a fluke thing? Because that's what some people have been saying on social media on Sunday morning, and into Monday.

And, as of Tuesday, chatter has shifted a good deal to how the PPV performed. We could be better at looking at the upsides, because you have to be happy that no judging fiasco went down….From a boxing betting perspective, I do hear that the Charlos attract a good deal of action, because plenty of people root for them to lose. The boxing odds going in had each twin the favorite, but there was no shortage of people thinking one, or both underdogs would prevail. Was that a case of emotions trumping reason? If you bet on boxing online, were you one of the people who guessed both the twins would have their hand raised Saturday? If so, then you showed strong acumen. I do wonder, for those engaged in 2.

And gauging by online reaction, Adesanya's easy work domination session of Costa left many feeling like the feature bout under-performed, as opposed to the total value offered by the Showtime PPV.

All in all, it's hard to win totally and completely in boxing (and in life, right?). You won't convince all the people, there will always be holdouts, and people with big lungs declaring on Twitter or IG that you ain't all that. If you are the Charlos, you are advised to not allow comments from strangers get into your head. Me, I make the mistake of doing that a few times a year, when I hop into a comments section and read what people not using their real name might think about something I wrote or said. When you step back and think about it, you maybe realize it's ludicrous to react to something an anonymous poster says…but then again, sometimes those commenters may have a point, and that's why now and again they get under your skin so deep….because you deep down realize they are somewhat right.

You all have a chance to watch how the Charlos did, after hitting the reset button, maybe, on your expectations for their fights. That's because SHOWTIME will show their fights this Saturday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

WBC middleweight champion won by scores of 116-112 (Tim Cheatham), 117-111 (Steve Weisfeld) and 118-110 (David Sutherland) over Sergiy Derevyanchenko. The win at the very least will make hardcore fans that much more curious what Jermall does next.

Twin brother Jermell unified the WBC, WBA and IBF 154-pound titles with a stoppage of Rosario.

You will want to study the body language of Rosario during the fight, and in his corner, before the final round.

On social media, people like Stephen “Breadman” Edwards have noticed that Rosario showed troubling signs in his corner before the round that a jab to the solar plexus felled him.

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