Heather Hardy: “I Miss My Life, I Miss Punching Stuff”



Heather Hardy: “I Miss My Life, I Miss Punching Stuff”

My manager called me last night to see how I was doing. 

He said, “Your social media posts are all over the place. One minute it’s pizza, the next minute it’s fitness, then you’re sober, then you’re drunk. What’s happening with you?” 

NOTE: Hardy's social media is a good follow. Here is her IG.

I’m in NYC, the world’s epicenter for this pandemic. People are afraid to go outside, and THANK GOD for that! We are the worlds BIG RED DOT.

If our kids get sick they’ll be hospitalized ALONE. 

If your wife has a baby, she’ll be hospitalized alone. If your parents or grandparents catch this they can die, and there will be no funeral.

I miss my life, I miss punching stuff, I miss my friends, I miss being around people. 

Hardy reps Everlast. Hear more from her on the Everlast TALKBOX podcast.

My kid is driving me fucking insane and as her parent it’s my job to be cool and calm and understanding, because this is fucked as shit for her too, so I cry everyday in the mailroom where she can’t see me.

I calmly tell her it’s time for schoolwork in the kitchen when I actually want to say “GET OFF YOUR FUCKING BED THIS IS LITERALLY THE ONLY GOD DAMN THING YOU HAVE TO DO TODAY DONT MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN!” 

I’m lonely, and sick of FaceTiming my relationships. I’m unemployed.

Like, WTF. 

I am a world champion boxer, and a mixed martial artist. I have fans all over the world, and I’m here to tell you that I’m a little bananas too. I’m acting all sorts of out of it too. 

Forgive yourself, but do better. 

Today I want to stop. I want to say no more whiskey in bed. No more pizza for no reason. No more skipping workouts, or crying about what IS.

From today on, though, I want to be thankful for the health of my family and pray for this to be over as soon as possible with as little damage as possible. 

But I don’t know if I’m ready.

So one minute at a time, we’ll get through this TOGETHER (but not really together).

Be safe, wash your hands and your ass. Drink water. Mind your business. Stay inside unless you’re going out for something SPECIFIC. 

And forgive yourself for not knowing WTF to do.


Heather Hardy is a Brooklyn resident who works as a boxer, mixed martial artist and trainer, at Gleason's Gym. Follow her on social media here and here