Heaney vs Pauls Prediction: Heaney Hones in on Glory



Heaney vs Pauls Prediction: Heaney Hones in on Glory

Boxing fans are being treated to English on English violence this weekend, as our Heaney vs Pauls prediction features two warriors who are facing off for the British and WBA continental middleweight titles. 

Considering that these two fighters hail from the same home country and have ascended to the top of the middleweight division, it's surprising that they haven't crossed paths before. 

Yet, while we haven't received proof about which of these boxers reigns supreme, our Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls prediction should make it clear that one fighter seems set up for success on Saturday.

Magnificent Seven: Heaney vs Pauls Prediction  

Nathan Heaney Preview

Nathan “Hitman” Heaney — a British boxer with an undefeated 18-0 record, which includes 6 KO victories — earned the first title belts of his career after a shocking upset majority decision victory over Denzel Bentley back in November 2023. 

That war against Bentley was a fascinating back and forth between two elite fighters — and displayed what Heaney will need to do to in order to emerge victorious this weekend. 

Heaney's six KO victories prove that he isn't a very powerful puncher. But he manages to make up for that deficiency by having an inexhaustible gas tank and throwing punches with astounding volume. 

Our Heaney vs Pauls prediction is that “Hitman” will be able to use that volume punching style to his advantage on Saturday. While he most likely will be at a distinct power advantage, Heaney employs enough defensive aptitude to avoid those power punches — which should serve him well against his fellow English foe. 

Brad Pauls Preview

Brad “The Newquay Bomb” Pauls — a British boxer with a 18-1 professional record, which includes 10 KO victories — could procure a massive upset against Heaney this weekend. 

Pauls has shown time and time again across his career that he can go toe to toe with anybody. And while he will be facing a noteworthy height and reach disadvantage against his opponent this weekend, this is something Pauls is used to at this point. 

Our Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls prediction is that Pauls will need to be constantly entering the line of fire if he's to secure a victory.

Given that Pauls can't fight at Heaney's range and expect success, we believe that Pauls will be on the receiving end of a lot of punches. Yet, if he can remain undaunted by this, he should be able to position himself to land power punches of his own — which could earn him a shocking upset victory. 

Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls: Heaney Out Hits His Opponent

Our official Heaney vs Pauls prediction is that Nathan Heaney will win by decision.

We think that Heaney's punching volume will prove to be the difference maker this weekend, and should secure him a win. Therefore, we think Heaney's moneyline — currently available at -300 — is a solid bet.

What's more, taking this fight to go the distance — currently available at -400 — is also a great option. 

Whoever gets their hand raised on Saturday can safely consider themselves to be one of Britain's best boxers!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.