Haney vs Garcia Prediction: Haney Has To Win This



Haney vs Garcia Prediction: Haney Has To Win This

One of the most hyped boxing fights in recent memory takes place on April 20 — and our Haney vs Garcia prediction will prove precisely why. 

These two fighters appear to have completely different mindsets leading into this fight, which has people wondering whether Ryan Garcia is fit to step in the ring against someone so dominant as Devin Haney. 

Yet, there's a chance that all of Garcia's talk on social media is to draw more attention to this seismic fight. He could show up on Saturday in the best form of his life, for all we know. 

What we know for sure is that our Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia prediction will tell you who to bet on this weekend.

Haney vs Garcia Prediction

Devin Haney Preview

Devin “The Dream” Haney — an American boxer with an undefeated 31-0 professional record, which includes 15 KO victories — of one of the world's top pound for pound boxers. 

Haney's most recent win against Regis Prograis proves that, when he's on his game, it's nearly impossible to defeat “The Dream”. 

While Haney moved up a weight class to challenge Prograis, and many believed it would be the toughest best of his boxing career, Haney thoroughly dominated Prograis from bell to bell. It was a masterclass that cemented Haney not only as a two division champion, but as one of boxing's top superstars. 

Haney's success is set up with his jab. This lightning-fast punch may be the best in all of boxing, and is something all fighters need to address if they have any chance at defeating Haney. 

Our Haney vs Garcia prediction is that, while Garcia will have the speed and power advantage against Haney on Saturday, Haney's technique, athleticism, and defense will all be superior to his opponent. 

If Garcia doesn't catch Haney with something clean, it's tough to imagine that this fight will go against Haney.

Ryan Garcia Preview

Ryan “King Ryan” Garcia — an American boxer with a 24-1 professional record, which includes 20 KO victories — is unquestionably one of boxing's top talents. 

But the mental form Garcia has shown leading up to this fight has many people concerned. And they aren't just worried about whether Garcia is fit to fight against a master like Haney — they're worried about this kid's mental health outside of the ring, as well. 

While Garcia is best known for his insanely fast and vicious left hook, he has other weapons in his arsenal that will have Haney on edge Saturday. And because he'll have the power advantage, Garcia only needs one punch to land flush for this fight to end early.

The question with Garcia is whether he's in a proper mental state to compete against a world-class fighter like Haney

If all of Garcia's out of the ring shenanigans is all a public facade, then our Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia prediction is that Garcia could shock the world on Saturday. 

But things are looking bleak for team Garcia at the moment. On Friday morning, Garcia weighed three pounds over the contracted weight limit. Then he came to the ceremonial weigh in drinking a beer. 

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia: Another Masterclass From Haney

Our official Haney vs Garcia prediction is that Devin Haney will win.

Leading up to this fight week, we believed that Haney would win by decision, because we have a ton of respect for Ryan Garcia's boxing ability. But after everything Garcia has done over the past few days, this clearly looks like someone who needs help, and doesn't look like he should be stepping in the ring against anyone — let alone someone of Haney's caliber. 

For that reason, taking Haney to win by KO — currently available at +125 — is a great bet. 

Yet, we also believe that Haney's KO will come later on in the fight, because he doesn't possess too much power, and will need to wear Garcia down. Which is why we also think that taking Haney to win the fight in 7-12 rounds — which is currently available at +240 — can net you some solid cash. 

All eyes of the boxing world will be on this fight come Saturday. And however it goes, we hope that sometime can ensure that Ryan Garcia gets the help he needs once his payday arrives. 

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