Gennady “GGG” Golovkin: BADASS



Gennady “GGG” Golovkin: BADASS
If we somehow had to elect an actual King of Boxing, I'd vote Gennady Golovkin every time.
A man we all feel we know somehow, a smile that could charm angry ants, and the first person you want beside you in a bar fight.
Reflecting back on a 3:00 exchange with the ultimate middleweight enforcer– along with some lost notes found in the aftermath of Canelo Alvarez V Amir Khan in May 2016; the personality of “GGG” again jumped off the crinkled up paper in a way that was hard to dismiss.
On Canelo: “You saw him, he's not bad. I mean c'mon, I'm really good. Maybe later this year he's really good… I'm a great champion.”
On Floyd Mayweather: “Very boring style. Terrible. He plays golf in the ring. This is boxing.”
I remember legendary badass Christopher Walken describing taking acid in the '70s: “I used to take it to go to unemployment. I'd get on the bus, all the people would be big black birds.” Made me wonder if Daniel Jacobs will see 3G this way on March 18 at Madison Square Garden.
Golovkin is the strangest anomaly: Iconoclast, icon in-training, and a 007 Bond villain regarded as a hero.

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