Floyd Speaks On Latest #Maygregor Rumors



Floyd Speaks On Latest #Maygregor Rumors

He ain't fighting again, and if he does, he will tell you all about it first.

That is the word from Floyd Mayweather, the best boxer on the planet who has supposedly entered into a deal with MMAer Conor McGregor to have a boxing match at date and site TBD.

Nah, said Floyd on social media this evening. Not so.


So, pay no attention to that story from Tuesday in an Irish paper saying a McGregor source told them that a financial deal had been reached. This came a day after Floyd told ESPN a deal was close.

And that was a day after UFC boss Dana White said there'd be no bout between the two men, because McGregor is contracted to do his fighting for UFC, for four more fights.

“It will never happen,” White told the Irish Mirror Tuesday. Then, White told another Irish paper that there was room to wiggle, that he was open to giving Mac leeway.

OMG, it has gotten ridiculous, the he said, she said, no they didn't say back and forth and back.

A source in the TV world told us naw, nothing is close right now.

Floyd last month said that he was all about his Showtime peeps being pound for pound PPV aces so we'd think they have inside track on showing the spectacle.

We could see White letting CM have a one out boxing match, if the UFC could co promote and get a healthy cut. He's as much said that Floyd would handle the MMAer so maybe he thinks his kid's luster wouldn't be dimmed losing in the other guys' arena to the best pugilist on the planet.

I know, I find this all sort of silly, a dog chasing his own tail, myself.

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