Floyd Mayweather Wants To Fight Manny Pacquiao Again



Floyd Mayweather Wants To Fight Manny Pacquiao Again


Floyd Mayweather is being chased by the ghosts of “Pac Man” from the sand dunes in Saudi Arabia. 

Word surfaced over the weekend of an apparent videotape of Floyd, infomercial style, expressing a desire to extol the virtues of the “House of Saud” while seeking to once and for all settle the saga between himself and his greatest rival. 

But then, the former “Pretty Boy Floyd” Floyd” told BoxingScene that this ruckus is all for naught, wholly insistent the video tape is old news produced ages ago, only to be rebirthed by the overzealous seeking to stoke the flames of an idea reduced to ash.

But somebody's full of shit, and judging by how all of the fans flock around him like flies seeking their foul smelling gold, they believe it's “The Best Ever” who leaked “Saudigate”. When reached for comment, Senator Manny Pacquiao was utterly clueless on the question of just what the was hell was going on. He then had this go up on his IG…

He knew nothing about Floyd going to the Middle East to consummate a deal he's received no paperwork on, while salivating over the idea of unfinished business with Floyd. Still, the debate rages on in this case of “Who Dunnit?”, and this time, Floyd may not be able to finagle his way out of the public's hotseat, on his ass like Bill Duke was on dude from Menace II Society. 

Here's why I think Floyd done fucked up this time (You know it, don't chu Floyd? You know it.).

We know Floyd has a pattern of wearing flip-flops when it comes to Pacquiao. After bamboozling the “The Notorious” Conor McGregor WWE style in their XXX styled promo in August 2017, we know he was in da ROC (Republic of China) at the beginning of 2018 talking #May/Pac2 with the aforementioned Senator. 

We also know in the middle of 2018, Money started tossing around the idea of another 9 figure payday with Pac slated for the end of 2018, only to wind up child abusing Tenshin Nasukawa in what was ‘supposed to be, an exhibition!' according to the drama spitting voice of Apollo Creed trainer Tony “Duke” Evers. 

All Floyd has done since, is hear Pacquiao mock him for a vulnerable performance against McGregor and chide him for undue aggression against Nasukawa, all while seeing Pac turn Adrien Broner into Joshua Clottey and make him head for the exits while turning Keith Thurman into a modern iteration of a victimized Miguel Cotto.

If you think Boxrec, just out of the fucking blue, came up with a list rating Floyd as “The Best Ever” while throwing points shade on Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Manny Pacquiao, then I've got beach front property in Saudi Arabia that I share with wifey Sophia The Robot. 

Personally, I think he's sick of all the talk about a “bum shoulder” and all of the excuses concerning the outcome of their boring ass exhibition on that infamous May 2. I would hate walking the streets constantly reliving a request for a refund, with an incessant demand for a redo when he can supply it. I've said this before, he's “TBE”, so if Bernard Hopkins can look amazing at 43 against far younger opponents for far less coin, then “Money” can definitively separate himself from a legend walking in his shoes with a political smirk on his face.   

We know that no matter where “Money” goes, he can't buy peace of mind these days, or make change out of fans consumed with the idea of Mayweather Vs Pacquiao 2; so it just makes sense that he would drop an old tape on the public in lieu of all the negative press associated with Saudi Arabia stemming from Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua 2. Floyd, ever the opportunistic villain, is never one to waste a good crisis that offers the financial solution of a sultan. To think he's not testing the public is almost insulting, because you better believe he's insulted by the notion that Pacquiao is now regarded historically greater.

It says here that he absolutely is. The only thing that can change that is a definitive beating of Pac-Man, in the desert of a new Las Vegas or on the Moon. Does he want to fight Manny Pacquiao again? Damn right he does.     

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