Floyd Mayweather Loves Oscar De La Hoya



Floyd Mayweather Loves Oscar De La Hoya


Envy is as green as ever when it comes to Floyd Mayweather and his obsession with the Golden Boy and CEO of the same name, Oscar De La Hoya.

Almost to prove we are nothing more than naive victims of artificial intelligence (a system we actually live under which literally means “Fake News” or superficial knowledge), the boxing world sent it's reigning diva to Twitterville on a bitter keyboard mashing spree to create drama among casual fans. 

Gee Oscar, why did you have to fuck around and get a 5-year deal with DAZN (essentially HBO re-branded. Nice play Eddie Hearn) after making “Money” so many years ago? 

Predictably, Floyd sprayed chemicals in the online air about his utterly unrewindable sparring session with an emaciated Canelo Alvarez on a birthday he ruined in September 2013. Exactly what that has to do with right now is beyond all of us. Oscar, who in response brought up Floyd's bodying of women and pressed a sensitive Gervonta Davis button, would probably fight Floyd right now in a Wal-Mart parking lot for free. I mean, hell, his “bosses” forced a Conor McGregor circus on us, so what's a rematch with Oscar? I asked Oscar how he feels about Floyd last year off camera beyond media, and the look in his eyes said they are not friends behind boxing's WWE curtain, so shit is personal with them.

So just what is this all about anyway? It's about finding a way to keep Floyd's dwindling relevance afloat in capitalism's lukewarm soup. That's why we've been receiving so many corny ass bowls of him as of late. We don't care about a contrived fight with Khabib to stir up vitriolic racial and religious discord among the masses. Give him what he would love from genuine hate: A rematch with De La Hoya. Fuck it, we saw Sugar Ray Leonard V Roberto Duran III. Why not? It's among the only things Floyd could do for real where he truly believes he'd win.

Mayweather, a mere con whose ego is as fragile as Amir Khan's chin, can't handle “The Truth” and would never attempt to smoke “Bud” unless forced. Not even “One-Time” would he ever challenge “Showtime” or the WBC to give him a real fight with a real champion; plus we know he's not “Swift” enough to play “Pac-Man” again for a few quarters. I mean, not for nothin “TBE”, but B-Hop fights all of those guys if he was you right now– but you're not him. Right Floyd?

But really, hyperbolic innuendo aside, this recurring soap opera theme is threatening to ruin all that we've done in the media to make boxing great again. We know Floyd has a #MAGA hat and a friend in the oval office…

..who appreciates his brand of reality TV, so perhaps he can, with tongue firmly in cheek, offer some sound advice and a better bottle of ADHD drugs for a delusional adult teen who refuses to grow up. 

Floyd's hate for Oscar is nothing but angry love.

Senior correspondent for NY Fights and author of upcoming book, "The Fist Club." Conscious indie recording artist "T@z" and humanist advocate for the Green Party.