Fight Night Check-In With Heavyweight Elvis Garcia Who Was in Training Camp With Wilder



Fight Night Check-In With Heavyweight Elvis Garcia Who Was in Training Camp With Wilder

We are finally here. It’s Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder fight day. The casual meter is running hot for this one as celebrities, athletes, and pop culture stars from all over are posting about it.

When you have WWE’s The Undertaker and Hip-Hop megastar Drake making fight predictions, you know causals are tuning into this one.

All the predictions are in, and we are a few fights into the long undercard at the T-Mobile Arena.

There’s been an uptick of interest in Jared “Big Baby” Anderson and what did or didn’t happen while sparring Tyson Fury. But I instead wanted to check in with heavyweight prospect Elvis Garcia (12-0).

In August, Elvis was coming off a knockout win against Joel Shojgreen (10-3) and was invited to join in camp the former heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder. Interestingly, Elvis was brought into the Joshua camp for the second Andy Ruiz fight for his aggressive and relentless fighting style. Joshua named him his “secret weapon” after regaining the titles from Ruiz.

After arriving in Alabama and seeing his fighting style, Team Wilder decided not to have Elvis spar with the former heavyweight champion. They did keep him around to get some work in with Robert Helenius (30-3), who was sparring Wilder.

Elvis impressed enough to receive an invitation back for future fight camps with team Wilder.

When I asked what his experience was like being in the Wilder training camp, Elvis said, “It was a good camp. I was there sparring Robert Helenius and training alongside Wilder.” After spending some time in Alabama, Elvis sees Wilder, as opposed to how he looked in the second clash, being “faster, more agile and overall looking good.”

I asked Elvis if he thinks we see a different Wilder in a few hours, and he said, “The way he was training, I think we will see a different fight.”

So that, to me, signals that we are in for a real treat. I quickly redirected the conversation to the Helenius vs. Kownacki fight. Elvis didn’t hesitate not one bit and said, “That was a really good experience for me because of his height. Helenius has really good timing, especially the way he steps to his left and right. I think he is going to knock him out again.

Robert Helenius, left, with Elvis at right, faces Adam Kownacki in support of the Fury vs. Wilder III PPV event.

What’s next for Elvis? In speaking to his manager, it looks like they are aiming to get Elvis back in the ring around November. There are still discussions about whether he will compete at Bridgerweight or Heavyweight since he can make both weight classes. That is part of an ongoing discussion that they hope to finalize soon.

You can follow Elvis on Instagram (@elvis_elkora_garcia) and stay in tune with what he has going on in the future.

Make sure you get your snacks ready for one of the most interesting PPV cards of the year.

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