ERIC KELLY: Porter Won



ERIC KELLY: Porter Won

I didn't have the fight close and I did not have Keith Thurman winning Saturday at Barclays Center.

To me, Shawn Porter clearly won that fight. Thurman shook Porter a couple times and Porter also shook Thurman with body AND head shots.

I felt that Porter controlled the fight the most and kept Thurman out of this comfort zone. Thurman seemed to fight out of desperation to keep Porter off of him. Thurman never looked comfortable in the ring against Porter. It's very clear that Thurman is weak to the body and Porter hurt him bad to the body, meanwhile it doesn't seem like Porter got much credit for his body work.

There were SEVERAL moments in the fight where Thurman was on the ropes and damn near kneeling over to protect his body from Porter. Thurman shook Porter a few times with headshots but Porter never let that derail his focus and that was to stay in Thurman's chest and make him fight, regardless.

At the end of the fight, look at their faces. Thurman fought most of the fight on the ropes. I thought Porter CLEARLY won. I can't wait to see the rematch!