Edwards vs Curiel Purse: Sunny Payday for Edwards?



Edwards vs Curiel Purse: Sunny Payday for Edwards?

Known for his sharp tongue, flyweight contender Sunny Edwards steps back into the ring this Saturday, June 29th. He'll face a tough test against former world champion Adrian Curiel on the undercard of the highly anticipated Juan Francisco Estrada vs Jesse Rodriguez bout. Here are the Edwards vs Curiel purse details before the fight. 

Edwards vs Curiel Purse: Big Cash for Curiel? 

Sunny Edwards has quickly risen through the ranks in the world of boxing and so did his net worth. The Edwards vs Curiel purse should add a handsome sum to his growing wealth. 

Last December, we predicted the 28-year-old’s net worth to be $640,000. After his high-profile fight with Rodriguez, it has moved closer to the million dollar mark. 

He reportedly made $600,000 from the fight, which is his career record. The Edwards vs Curiel payouts might not be that lucrative, but it should still offer a sizable amount of money to the Sutton man. 

Curiel, however, is yet to make such astonishing amounts from his previous fights. He reportedly made $150k for his rematch with Sivenathi Nontshinga. The Edwards vs Curiel prize money could mark a significant increase in earnings for the Mexican contender.

Edwards’ boxing fighter pay demands should decrease after his loss to Rodriguez. That said, we still expect him to earn $350k from this fight. He made a similar amount when he beat Moruti Mthalane in 2021 at York Hall. As for Curiel, he should be raking in $200k for sharing the ring with Edwards this weekend. 

Boxing Fighter Payouts – Edwards vs Curiel 

Sunny Edwards seeks redemption this Saturday after a brutal knockout loss to December's main event fighter, Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez. That defeat stripped Edwards of his IBF title and shattered his undefeated record.

A master of defense, Edwards had never absorbed such punishment throughout his career. Billed as a close fight, the bout turned into a dominant display for Rodriguez.

While his skills remain undeniable, a loss like that can test a fighter's confidence. However, Edwards' determination is a proven asset, and he'll be looking to bounce back stronger this Saturday.

In November, Adrian Curiel stunned the world with a second-round knockout victory over Sivenathi Nontshinga, claiming the IBF flyweight title. However, he was unable to hold onto the belt, losing the rematch in February. Despite the setback, Curiel remains a dangerous contender.

At just 25, Curiel embodies the classic Mexican fighter's journey. Starting young, he's faced tough competition, emerging battle-tested despite a deceiving 24-5-1 record. This fight is a true test for Edwards' resilience after his loss.

Curiel is an aggressive southpaw who thrives in close quarters, peppering opponents to the head and body. Expect him to relentlessly pressure Edwards throughout the fight with his powerful left hook.

Sunny Edwards enters this fight for the first time in three years without championship gold. In past title defenses, Edwards dominated with his slick defense and racked up convincing points victories. But the question remains: how much will the ‘Bam' bashing have impacted Edwards' confidence and sharpness?

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