Easy Work For Tyson Fury, Who Takes UD10 Over Pianeta in Belfast



Easy Work For Tyson Fury, Who Takes UD10 Over Pianeta in Belfast

Every second of every minute of every round, Tyson Fury, two years after being deep in the weeds mentally and emotionally, had his way with Francesco Pianeta in Belfast, on Saturday.

In the US, Showtime streamed the match, promoted by Frank Warren, which had the feel of fairly tepid sparring, mostly. Take in the context of where Fury was, that can be excused…

The ref, the lone judge, scored it, 100-90, easy work.

There were no knockdowns, as we were reminded that the 6-9 is very, very coordinated for such a tall lad, but that he doesn’t possess above average power. He can still claim he won the lineal heavyweight title, when he beat late-stage Wladimir Klitschko. And that he is a charismatic speaker and attraction outside the ring.

So, would he be able to keep Deontay Wilder of off him when they fight in November? Wilder was ringside, in scouting and hyping mode. The American came in to the ring after Fury had his hand raised, gaining a UD10 win.  He even handed Fury his WBC belt, allowing him to hold if aloft, take it for a spin,

They said the fight is on, time and place TBA, and that this coming week, that will be announced.

“I'm knocking you the off out,” Fury promised Wilder.

Wilder said he would kayo Fury, “I promise you.”

“You can't knock out what you can't hit,” Fury noted. He thanked God and then called Belfast “beautiful.” Wilder then shook his hand, took the taped fist and kissed it, actually.

Pianeta was in survive-not-thrive mode and to his credit, didn’t look for a soft sofa spot on the canvas to lay down on.

Fury looked better, trimmer and with better timing, than he did in his comeback bout, against Sefer Seferi. But Wilder is a full to steps better than Pianeta, so Fury will be the vast underdog in the minds of many when he fights the Alabaman. Fury drew chuckles and cheers when he strolled to ring to Lynrd Skynrd’s Sweet Home Alabama, in a slap-nod to Wilder.

In round nine, Fury went lefty, trying out some different looks, which he’d need against Wilder, who has a severe power edge over the UK based boxer. The tenth finished out, and we went to the cards, with no hint of drama in the air, but for what we'd see Wilder do.

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