Dillon Danis Has Haters Wanting His Butt Kicked



Dillon Danis Has Haters Wanting His Butt Kicked

Dillon Danis is controversial.

He has followed but more detractors overall. Danis and Logan Paul are scheduled to face off in the co-feature of Saturday’s Misfit Boxing promoted fight card that is loaded with influencers and “YouTube fighters.”

No telling the percentage, but many will tune in to see Logan kick the crap out of Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

It looks like there may be true animosity between Logan Paul and profane provocateur Dillon Danis

The blood feud has stolen the headlines from KSI and Tommy Fury, whose main event “The #PrimeCard,” as it’s been dubbed, at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

NYFIGHTS told you more about Danis and his story here.

The Paul-Danis fight promotion turned volatile almost immediately after it was announced for Saturday, October 14th.

The feud between Dillon Danis and the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, spans years, and it started out somewhat friendly.

One of the first viral moments between the two parties took place when Danis was a guest on former UFC heavyweight Brandon Schaub’s show.

Jake was able to get the location of their shoot and showed up to commit a drive-by with toilet paper.

Footage of Danis boxing have haters hoping “The Maverick” Logan Paul gives him a bad beating

Dillon Danis brought it to a whole new level when Danis began his social media assault on Logan’s fiancé Nina Agdal.

Agdal is a professional model of Swedish descent, and she was made the target of Danis’ promotional tactics and character assassination based on some of her prior relationships with men.

As a result, she filed for and was granted a restraining order preventing Dillon Danis from posting any content of Nina that wasn’t published with her consent or obtained through nefarious means.

The promotion, after all, was launched, for Danis at least, on the premise that he would release scandalous content about Nina.

Desperate to gain notoriety, specifically the kind that adds to his reputation as an “internet troll,” Danis released the most inappropriate and demeaning content thus far intended to shame Nina—though its true target was likely Logan.

This act, coupled with daily harassment, led to Nina filing a lawsuit against Danis.

The lawsuit has somehow become a point of contention on the internet with some fans arguing that “this is the fight game” and Dillon Danis is simply building hype.

Still, others point out that Logan is the one fighting Danis, and yet Nina is the one at the brunt of Danis’ attacks.

Furthermore, Logan is not the one suing Danis.

Danis is very popular with his fanbase and when he made claims that his lawyer fees have eclipsed $400,000 and that he is likely to make nothing from fighting Logan as the money is already earmarked for a legal defense, the tone shifted online to one of sympathy for Danis.

The Prime Card in Manchester, England

Fury and Paul should prevail, yes?

That’s been fueled by several influencers, podcasters, and live streamers.

Fighters crossing lines for the sake of promotion is nothing new in combat sports, but that should not offer free reign to anyone hellbent on abandoning basic decency.

Dillon Danis is at least honest when it comes to the fact that the fight with Logan Paul needed a heavy promotional push to have fight fans take an interest—his popularity is not based on any real success he’s had in combat sports.

Dillon Danis Hasn’t Fought Much

Danis started his martial arts career focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he has enjoyed more success through that discipline than in any other combat sport thus far.

He was awarded his black belt at age 21 and managed to win some very prestigious BJJ no-gi tournaments.

While Dillon Danis is 2-0 with 2 submission wins in MMA, he is better known, more notoriously so, for the part he played in UFC 229’s infamous brawl following Khabib Nurmagomedov’s submission victory over Conor McGregor.

Danis is a “Conor McGregor guy”

In what was one of the UFC's most complicated and spirited rivalries, Khabib’s win could not contain the emotions of that fight.

After the 4th round neck crank victory, Khabib threw his mouthguard in the direction of Conor’s team before scaling the cage and leaping toward them.

Danis, who was a coach in McGregor’s team, managed to score punches of his own.

Currently, Dillon Danis is contractually obligated to Bellator for at least two more fights.

As for his experience in the sweet science, it is virtually nonexistent.

Danis was meant to fight KSI, the undefeated YouTuber fighting Tommy Fury in Saturday’s main event.

However, Danis ended up pulling out of the fight.

That non-fight left Danis with a reputation for not being dependable, a trait that most promoters don’t want to bother with regardless of popularity.

Logan Paul Should Whup Dillon Danis

However, he is getting a shot against Logan Paul, a YouTube fighter in desperate need of a win to maintain any sort of relevancy as a boxer.

Paul has been competing as a pro wrestler these days and doing quite well at it.

There was a knack that was clear from the moment Paul arrived on the WWE scene.

He has been placed in some bright spotlights in his brief time in the squared circle, including a main event against Roman Reigns.

Logan will certainly have the experience advantage.

Logan Paul is a very, very good athlete

Aside from the actual boxing experience, Logan has shared the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr., perhaps the greatest fighter of all time (at least one of them).

He would go on his podcast days after the event and claim a moral victory for taking Floyd the distance, neglecting the fact that Logan had a considerable size advantage and the fact that “Money May” was not known for his stoppage percentage.

Based solely on boxing prowess, there is very little going around to sell the matchup, but a blood feud like this is interesting to a wide array of potential viewers.

The Dillon Danis fight is soaked in patriarchal drama, and it is easy to understand the appeal of a man defending his woman’s honor in an actual fistfight.

It’s biblical in the way of dramatic storytelling.

The main card of the DAZN PPV begins at 2 p.m. ET and is scheduled to last six hours including the prelims. I will watch on