UFC Fight Night Prediction: Martinez vs Yanez – BW Brawl!



UFC Fight Night Prediction: Martinez vs Yanez – BW Brawl!

The latest iteration of the UFC is back! This weekend, the UFC is back from Las Vegas, Nevada, and is headlined by a banger between Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza. In this article, however, we are breaking down a bantamweight banger on this card, featuring Jonathan Martinez and Adrian Yanez! Read on below to find our prediction for what is sure to be one of the fights of the night.

Jonathan Martinez: On An Absolute Tear

Jonathan Martinez is defying the prediction of nearly everybody. He is knocking them down left, right and centre in this bantamweight division.

Martinez is currently riding high on a five fight winning streak, which is made all the more impressive when you consider the division he finds himself in. His most recent win was arguably his most impressive, winning a decision win over fellow bantamweight rising star Said Nurmagomedov. His well-roundedness has been such a key factor in his meteoric rise, being capable of both finishing foes and taking them over the distance. All in all, Jonathan Martinez will be coming into this fight with a lot of confidence.

Adrian Yanez: Slight Bump In The Road

Unlike Martinez, Yanez is actually coming in to this fight off the back of a loss.

Admittedly, it was to Rob Font, who is a legitimate top contender in this stacked bantamweight division. Prior to that, Yanez was ALSO riding the wave of a five fight winning streak. That streak also included some very impressive names, including Randy Costa, Tony Kelley and Davey Grant. Despite coming into this fight off a loss, Adrian Yanez will be entering this fight (and rightly so) with a lot of confidence also. He knows that the loss to Rob Font will have simply been a slight bump in the road.

Jonathan Martinez: Path to Victory – Utilise Wrestling

My prediction for Jonathan Martinez is that his well-roundedness will be his biggest weapon.

As he has displayed in so many of his fights to date, Martinez has extremely good wrestling, and is able to incorporate those skills into a very well-rounded package. Just ask Said Nurmagomedov. For Jonathan Martinez, he is going to have to be very, very conscious and aware of Yanez's stand-up skills (because they are very, very good), and he will get knocked in to a different dimension if he isn't. That being said, Martinez has a very high fight IQ, and my prediction is that he will approach this fight with a very careful game plan. If he can put it all together, then my prediction is that he will be a very tough obstacle for Adrian Yanez to overcome.

Adrian Yanez: Path to Victory – Stand Up Supremacy

My prediction for Adrian Yanez is that he has to keep this fight standing in order to have the best chance of beating Jonathan Martinez.

UFC Vegas 22 video: Adrian Yanez faceplants Gustavo Lopez with brutal  punch, asks for hometown fight at UFC 262 - MMA Fighting

An easy prediction to make for Adrian Yanez is that he will want to keep this fight standing; Gustavo Lopez found that out the hard way. (Image Credit: MMA Fighting)

I do believe that people forget just how insanely good Adrian Yanez's skills actually are. He absolutely demolished Randy Costa, and he comprehensively beat Davey Grant and Tony Kelley. One loss to a fighter that is as high level as Rob Font should not define your run of form. My prediction is that Adrian Yanez will remind a whole lot of people just how good he actually is. If he can keep this fight standing and manage the distance, then the balance dramatically swings in Adrian Yanez's favour at that point.

Official Prediction: Adrian Yanez Momentum To Return

My official prediction for this fight is that Adrian Yanez will equal out that loss last time out, and will get his momentum back on track.

This is no disrespect towards Jonathan Martinez at all; I am very, very impressed with him as a fighter, and I think it is firmly to his credit that he has absolutely torn through the string of opponents that the UFC have given him. But Adrian Yanez is a SIGNIFICANT step up in opposition for Jonathan Martinez, and my prediction is that Yanez will bring a lot of weapons to the table that Jonathan Martinez has not encountered before. My prediction is that Adrian Yanez will be able to manage the distance and the range, and will pick up a massive finish over Jonathan Martinez in this Fight Night event.

5 potential opponents for Adrian Yanez following his latest UFC win

My official prediction is that Adrian Yanez will get his momentum back on track with a big win over Jonathan Martinez. (Image Credit: MMA Fighting)

Make sure not to miss this event – Jonathan Martinez and Adrian Yanez is not a fight to be missed!

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